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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Long Islander and former iReport intern jbjimbo says he's not one to delve into political commentary, but after hearing about John McCain's Long Island "joke," he decided to speak up.

    'I will be driving through Washington, D.C., heading back to Long Island in two weeks. Sir, I invite you to join me and I will show you all of the great things that Long Island has to offer,' he says to John McCain.
    - elchueco, CNN iReport producer

    I don’t give political commentary very often. Actually, I don’t really give it ever. As a journalist, I try to stay objective and keep my opinions out of stories but I can’t let this one slide.


    By now you’ve probably heard what John McCain had to say about Long Island


    Give me a break, McCain. Long Island has been a proud part of the United States  since day one. This is the place where spies, working for then-General George Washington, watched and reported on the British army during the American Revolution.


    Okay, so that was 230-something years ago. But still, Long Island was the place that hosted McCain during the 2008 presidential debate against then-Senator Barack Obama. Heck we must have done something right. After all, the debate will be held at Hofstra again in 2012.


    I guess McCain had some bad room service or something in 2008. McCain, why do you hate us so much?


    Here’s all my reasons to be proud of Long Island (and I invite you to add your own in the comment section below):

    >From city to suburbs to country to beach… there’s something for everyone. Just drive the LIE

    >Entenmann’s… you’re welcome

    >AriZona ice tea… I guess McCain doesn’t drink it

    >All four seasons: we get them all cause we’re well-rounded

    >Brookhaven National Labs… cause we’re smart like that

    >Need a jet? Need to land on the moon? Grumman can help with that

    >Islanders… they might stink but they’re our stinky team

    >Jones Beach… John Mayer loves it, you should too

    >Calverton National Cemetery… nation’s largest military cemetery is where? Oh yeah, here.

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