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    Posted December 8, 2011 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Christmas


    The family Christmas party had to come early this year because everyone had conflicting plans. So the family decided to have Christmas on Dec. 16th. That gave them a whole 4 hours to plan, purchase gifts, wrap them, buy and decorate a Christmas tree, get the Angel topper out of the attic, shop for groceries and cook a huge meal. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well let's see.


    Phil and Manny do the grocery shopping, then meet up with a slimy guy Phil was buying a Joe DiMaggio baseball card from for a gift. Manny was afraid of the man when he asked for extra money because the card was in mint condition. Phil didn't have the extra money because he spent it all on groceries so the man said he'd take the butterball turkey. Phil said no, then when the man tried to grab the turkey out of the car window Manny grabbed his mother's tazer gun from the glove box and ended up tazing Phil. Phil was doing the tazer dance lying on the ground, then got up, handed the man his money, got the card and completely crushed it while still doing the tazer dance (a tazer dance is just something you have to see, can't explain it).


    Cam and Jay are in charge of wrapping all the presents. When Cam hands Jay a tiny package Jay doesn't want to accept it, he say's "men don't give men gifts this small" Cam says "it's not a ring", Jay opens the gift, it's a cork from a wine bottle that had meaning for Cam and Jay but Jay doesn't remember any special moment drinking wine with Cam. Cam gets offended, tells him it was 5 years ago when they were watching a sporting event together. Cam gets offended as usual but in the end they make up and even hug, but only for 4-5 seconds.


    Haley, Mitchell and Lily go Christmas tree shopping, Mitchell has a certain tree in mind. A man working at the lot tells Mitchell he knows exactly what he wants, when Haley sees the direction the man is pointing in she goes off on the man, yelling just because my uncle is gay that doesn't mean he want a PINK Christmas tree, she goes on and on yelling. The man finally is able to tell her he was pointing at the truck that has fresh 8ft trees that Mitchell was describing that he wanted. Mitchell, totally embarassed, then grabs the nearest tree to him and says he'll take that one and he will tie it to his car himself, the man says "you bet you will". On the way home Mitchell had to slam on his brakes and the tree fell off and onto the street. He retrieved it after a car, then a truck, ran over it.


    Gloria and Luke were in charge of finding the Angel topper in her attic. Gloria wouldn't go up there because of spiders so Luke retrieved the Angel, after breaking through the floor, one leg dangling. On the way back to the Dunphy house, Gloria was talking and looking at Luke, she didn't have time to miss running over a Christmas tree. All she said to Luke was "don't look back, never look back" then somehow the Angel ended up flying out of the car and it was run over. Smashed to pieces, Gloria picked it up.


    When Phil returned home without the pre-cooked turkey, Claire was upset. Phil had gone and bought cornish game hens as a subsitute but they were frozen. Gloria relented and said she would defrost them and cook them but it would take longer than they had all anticipated this party would take. Haley said she will miss her party, then Mitchell said " this isn't working ", no tree, no Angel, no dinner. They all decided they will just do it all next year, a family Christmas. Then Jay directed everyone out the front door where to everyones surprise, he had a snow blower blowing snow all over the lawn. This is when Jay said to Cam, I suppose you want to hug me. Only for 4-5 seconds.


    Modern Family continues to be one of the best comedies on television. Great cast and great writing. Be sure to watch on ABC.

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