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    Posted December 10, 2011 by
    Gravios Mills, Missouri
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    A holiday season without religion?

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    You have no right to try take Christ out of my Christmas

    I am shocked any religion is trying to change any Holiday of another religion,Who are they and what gives them the right to decide how Christmas is celebrated! Christians have the right to celebrate not only a religious holiday but a nationally recognized holiday! Christmas was around long before any of us were even born and I hope it will continue to be celebrated with Christ right where he belongs. We have allowed prayers to become almost illegal, we have allowed our children to be exposed to hate crimes and told to accept this as alright. NO it is not acceptable, to take Christ out of Christmas! We are the melting pot therefore acceptance of other religions is of up most importance. no one is forcing you to attend Christmas parties, or church events. I try not to judge or cast stones at others or their religions it is not my place. Religion is truly a personal choice of beliefs and how can i say any one is following the wrong path? How can anyone say Christianity is an imaginary faith. Has our country deteriorated so badly that what would be considered a hate crime by any other religion is acceptable because of the choice to have no faith.

    When there was prayers in school, I can not recollect a school shooting! When people were allowed to share their faith openly with out judgement there was an understanding. I had never met a Jehovah witness until kindergarten the child explained they did not believe in the morning prayer and the pledge and did not have to participate. I do not recall anyone smacking him with a bible and or throwing holy water on him to change his views.

    The billboard depicting Jesus by Neptune and Santa by the devil is nothing more than a hate crime against Christians and the celebration of Christmas. This would be unacceptable if Christians had put up some billboard with a hateful message. Small children are seeing this sign, that truly can not be good for their mental well being no matter what religion. Most religions are based on peace and acceptance however I have noticed through out the years there has been more attacks on the Christian community and their beliefs. We are all still alive so no one can truly say what the after life may bring.

    Keep Christ in Christmas, for those that it is truly unacceptable too DO NOT CELEBRATE IT! Easy enough answer like the Jehovah Witness did not say the pledge that was his right. Our right was to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer, and celebrate Christmas with Christ based celebrations. You and your religious choices have no right to take and change any of our Holidays as we do not have any right to change yours.
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