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    Posted December 12, 2011 by
    Glastonbury, Connecticut
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    An All-American Healthcare Solution for the Un- and Under-Insured


    There is an easier way to approach our healthcare dilemma and stop putting lipstick on this Obama-care pig once and for all.


    As my husband and I discussed this topic, we surmised the following: Due to the exhaustive (and costly) governmental process of implementing Obama-care and the general lack of knowledge by our elected officials in turning the public’s needs into cohesive policies, here is a logical partial solution to the 'universal healthcare debate.'


    Within the existing branches of government (welfare systems, medicare and other social databases) add the actual numbers of people needing healthcare then track these numbers from the numbers that apply for assistance, just like unemployment, social security and welfare. This population of people requiring healthcare would be given vouchers/coupons for medical examination and procedures, as similarly provided in food stamps.


    The government would then allow existing medical institutions and physician's private practices and group facilities to offer volunteer work for this population with the respective institution given a tax break incentive.  The added plus is in such medical private practices, groups and facilities would already be established within the neighborhoods of the populations which they serve. And, the labor involved in the volunteering of their services would flow into the use of employees already on staff, likely creating employment opportunities for many healthcare professionals currently out of work.


    The benefit would be two-fold. The providers would receive the tax break as an offset to their income earned and no change would be needed to mandate individuals to have insurance they cannot afford. This process would allow the healthcare system to run more efficiently within their facilities by fully utilizing what now viewed as under-used assets, not to mention implementing a program offering a manageable system of oversight.


    The cost value associated with each procedure for normal care, as well as the illness diagnosed for treatment, can be pro-rated based on the actual health benefit provided. In addition, other medical insurance/liabilities currently paid for by the government or private sector could be reduced or waived based on the fact that the public would be given a free service.


    Drugs/prescriptions can also be factored into the equation by allowing pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to donate their goods in exchange for offsetting tax credits.


    Overall, this solution for the un- and under-insured would set a healthcare system in place while maximizing the efficiency of governmental offices and organizations whose databases have been developed to track such mechanisms, but remains idle due to a poor system of checks and balances.


    If 30 million people in this country truly need healthcare, then our government should proactively address this need with a volunteer system first. We need to monitor the real need vs. forcing the majority to accept (and pay for) a higher priced and less effective healthcare system, which still does not adequately address the healthcare needs of the needy. We need to focus our attention on those without the financial means to accommodate proper healthcare services, to healthfully respond to their respective healthcare need.  This rapidly growing population remains left behind no matter which way Obama-care chooses to package a plan that clearly will not work.


    Lisa Masse Bremmer
    Glastonbury, CT 06033

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