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    CNN Refusing to Cover Major iPhone 4S Problem!


    Since the iPhone 4S went on sale in October users have not stopped complaining about muted audio on outgoing calls. Affected users are not being heard by the other party or are not able to hear the other party on a large percentage of calls made from their brand new iPhone 4S devices.


    A large discussion thread (https://discussions.apple.com/message/16424561#16424561) on Apple's website now features 87 pages of replies with additional users chiming in daily and over 100,000 views making it the most discussed topic on Apple's official support community. Additional complaints have pilled up on a Facebook Page dedicated to the problem https://www.facebook.com/iPhone4SOutgoingCallNoAudio and several major tech blogs have covered the issue (including Mashable, Gizmodo and Macrumors.)


    Many users have reported having to replace their iPhone 4S handsets several times before obtaining a bug free handset indicating the problem is rooted in faulty hardware. As well, Apple's software updates to date have failed to produce a fix. For many users this has been a frustrating ordeal requiring them to travel to an Apple Store several times or ship their iPhone 4S to Apple at their own cost.


    All the while, the most frustrating fact to most has been Apple's silence on the matter, a silence facilitated by the lack of mainstream media coverage of a problem many are facing. Such blogs as Mashable and Gizmodo only reach several million users compared to the mainstream media's many 10's of millions. To date I have personally contacted (on twitter) many members of the tech writing community including writers at CNN, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal (AllThingsD.) To my amazement some of the responses I received included:


    "haven't experienced that on my AT&T 4S." (Mark Milian Tech Writer at CNN)


    "not to downplay issue, but been working on other things. Only so much time in the week." (Mark Milian Tech Writer at CNN)


    "If your premise is we don't write negative stories about Apple products, I'd ask you take a look back." (Doug Gross Tech Writer at CNN)


    "Let me know if iOS 5.1 doesn't fix it. Given that Mashable and Gizmodo have already written, I'm sure Apple is aware." (Jason O. Gilbert Tech Writer at The Huffington Post)


    Such responses from tech writers at major media outlets raise serious questions about CNN's (and other mainstream media) willingness to cover negative stories about Apple. CNN's Mark Milian shows a lack of curiosity beyond his personal iPhone 4S handset and it is apparent from the comment above that The Huffington Post's Jason O. Gilbert believes his job as a journalist is to inform Apple and not the public.


    Why is the mainstream media so resistant to covering a story informing readers of the potential problems facing them when upgrading to Apple's newest iPhone. Apple is the largest tech company in the world, presently valued at nearly $400B and the iPhone is arguably the hottest phone on the market, a fact demanding only more scrutiny by the media. Almost daily, stories in the mainstream media include every fact and facet about Apple and its product line. While being too busy to cover this story, CNN's Mark Milian has created such headlines as "Steve Jobs fielded some customer service requests" and "Steve Jobs' e-mail to fan: 'Life is fragile'". Why has this story been left untouched?


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