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    Posted December 14, 2011 by
    Redding, California
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    Child Abductions by Court?


    A parenting educator in Shasta County, CA. nearly 12 years, as a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor I have also served At-Risk families and children for the Juvenile Justice Center & many local Treatment Centers. I know a bit about good, nurturing and assertive parenting. When the heads of Parole, Probation, DA, Sheriff, Public Health, Alcohol & Drug, the Court, also refer, endorse or mandate my parenting & youth programs, they do so with a certain comfort level.

    Enter retired, 85 year old, senile-onset, temporary Shasta County “judge” Jack Halpin (et al) who took one of my two daughters 277 days ago with no contact allowed. No abuse and no neglect charges. Just a biased and cruel mediator/ED (Tim VanSchooten) and a Halpin-appointed minor's attorney (Verlin Johnson) and a Halpin-appointed therapist (Marie Dimmick) saying in court that I was "too strict a parent" and that my parenting was - and I quote the GAL: "it's kinda like emotional abuse." Halpin admitted in court that he did not read my responsive declaration & expert witness testimonies, He did not allow me to cross-examine accusers and He PREJUDGED our case by removing our child from a long established 50/50 parenting plan to a NO CONTACT order. All based upon the collusive enablement by His officers, et al. My second child is living primarily with me the past 6 years because my now ex-wife moved far away “to start a new life” with a boyfriend she acquired during our marriage. Our 9 year old now sadly hangs in the Halpin-imbalance as I write.

    He seems like God in HIS court... He handles the Pro-Per cases, like mine, and the sad list of parents - and hundreds of children - is long: But all the while His 30-day "assignment" has been rubber-stamped by the state Judicial Council, the AOC and even the past two Chief Justices. Jack Halpin retired in 1993; He is one of the oldest "judges" still sitting on a bench. Halpin holds the unique distinction of being the longest sitting "ASSIGNED JUDGES" in the world today!

    A special program run by the state AOC provides an 'assignment' of a retired judge to sit on the bench for 30 to 60 days (without an election) “to help out tax-payers” by having a "knowledgeable judge" help with any court overload for a short time in a community that is familiar. Nice sounding theory! Halpin has been milking that 30-60 DAY program for over 18 YEARS! He gets over $12,000.00 per month for part-time work, and He gets that amount on TOP of His FAT judge's pension & platinum parachute of benefits.

    All the while He also has no oversight & accountability measures for wrongdoing, because, since the assigned judges program is supposed to only last 30 to 60 days, why burden the tax-payers with the extra costs of accountability measures that all other judges are held. He also avoids being elected in or OUT: He avoids appointment or removal by the state governor.

    I feel sad for the scores if not HUNDREDS of parents who have approached me about family courts, mediation, court-appointed attorneys, court-appointed therapists, highly protective & equally collusive Clerks. Ethically I could not get involved as a parenting facilitator.

    Not all judges are “bad.” As a new Court Reform Activist, I believe if we citizens think, feel or KNOW that the FAMILY LAW INDUSTRY has harmed our families & children - past or present - it is IMPERATIVE that we all reach out to others to find support.

    I've been through all the impotent AOC reps, endless loops of self-protecting Presiding Judges, Judicial Council & heads of the assigned judges program. I’m going to the Attorney General & Governor Brown to seek a "retirement" of Jack Halpin.

    I’m just an indicator species of a bigger problem. Go to: Judicial Council Watcher for a more in-depth review of the current INSTITUTIONAL abuses that enable the Jack Halpins of the world.

    Alan Ernesto Phillips

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