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    Posted December 17, 2011 by
    Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania
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    A Mother's Fight


    Idalia Holland


    Dear friends just to give you an update of what's been going on lately with my daughter's case in Monroe County, Pa. As you all know i've been doing it all myself as pro-se it's taken alot of work and heartache but as a mother you get it done. Despite all the dead ends and bs they have try to pull during the civil hearings and motions, I have finally manage to take it out of their hands, as of now it is up to the Superior Court in Philladelphia. If you remember it began in Lackawanna County because the amount I sued them for exceeded the 50,000 limit, once in Lackawanna County because they failed to answer in timely mater and refused to file motions I got a default judgment for 16,000,000 dollars. But of course they pulled a fast once and slowed everything down a bit had the case transfered back to Monroe County were my girls were attacked. During all this time I filed proper paperwork while they denied anything ever happening in that County or them even having any knowledge of my daughter's case. So I then filed a First Amendmend Complaint in the amount of 80,000,000 dollars, against Monroe County Pa. Soon after they filed preacipe for argument stating that they rembered the case and a police report was recovered after 8 years, so I ofcourse requested a copy little did I know they would go as far as falsifying a police report and send me copies. So I filed an expedited hearing for argument upond disocvery of new evidence against them. The judge during this time has refused to submit an aswer or opinion of order because I assumed they have nothing else to fight with, they have commited every scam, lies, and crimes they can think of in the courtroom, so I recently filed a Motion to Transfer to higher court, but of course it was shut down like everything else I filed. So because I have plenty of law books and am very good with research, I have put together an appeal including where the judge is being bias and has prejudice in this case. So im on my way to superior court on my own and not only do I intent to get the 16,000,000 I already won but the 80,000,000 I filed to reasses damages, and you know what all the money in the world will never give my children back the last 8 years, or make Ciarra well again, but it's a start. And I wont be done their I intent to donate many of the money to charities like Abuse Freedom United, and many other talk shows who help mothers and families in this situation, and also to other organizations of child abuse and rape victims. Im going to do good with it for once, is what Ciarra would want. And I will also help several families that have helped us during this process it has been difficult for everyone and unessesary but regardless I will never forget or walk away from a helping hand I will make sure everyone is taken care of. I write this because I want other mom's outhere know that it's not over your life or child's life is not over you can't give up or walk away from it. you can fight it will be heard and nearly impossible but that's why were mother's cause we can, we can do anything we set our minds to for our children to protect them and keep them safe. So please don't ever think you dont have choices because you do. My family is living proof.

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