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    Posted December 18, 2011 by
    Duluth, Minnesota
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    'Tis the season for giving... odd gifts?

    (Sad Story) Family Makes Christmas Tree Out Of Green Construction Paper

    It never ceases to amaze me how really poor Americans are not only financially but also pyschologically they lack appreciation for the things they already have. I being a caucasian born and raised die hard nascar fan can tell you that I have seen tough times but nothing like that of Africa or elsewhere.

    We need to be greatful for the little things in life because we as humans don't have a very long life expectancy. 100 years tops and the earth will go on for another 1000000000 (billion+) we are just a small blip on the radar. I have never had a near death experience so I am not saying this because I all of the sudden feel remorse for by life's greedy actions.

    Lets face it we all only think of ourselves. I know not one person who can say with certainty that they were not looking out for their own self-interests. The fact of the matter is that we need to help each other stopping to take in and absorb the enviroment around us.

    This year I tried something new I started actually going to websites and looking at what people needed. I started with the craigslist wanted section and I would case my house for things that people in despair needed. I would check my attic, my basement and hell I even gave out some of my good stuff from my garage.

    It didnt matter to me because material things can always be replaced.

    This is the story I found on craigslist:

    I am here tonight in hopes that someone will please help my kids have a christmas. This is my last hope. I dont know what else to do. I tryed calling around to all kids of different places and they are either done or have no funding. This is my 2nd wish for this. This would truly mean the world to be if theres anyone that could help out. my kids are 5 and 4. I just hate the thought of my kids waking up to nothing and asking me why santa didt come. It truly brakes my heart any thing would be great. They are not picky kids sure there is things they like but they are very greatful for anything they get.So Please if u have any extra gifts it would really make me and my kids day.

    My response was to get the woman's address get a picture of her and her kids (pictured) and then work like mad to get them presents. My kids are fully grown so It was no skin off my nose to buy each of the kids at least three presents. I remember what it was like to watch my kids open gifts at that age and I miss those moments. I then packaged up a small LCD tv 22" of mine and sent it to her along with a surprise christmas movie I bought at walmart. I thought this would brighten up their day. I also told her that if she was in a time crunch and could not make it to a donation spot to get more presents that sites like freenapkin.com gave away free gifts to anyone.

    Here emailed reply to me:

    "Thank you so much Bill my daughters will be thrilled. Im crying right now because no one was willing to help me. My church didn't even have funds this year to help those in need. I am very greatful and you are our hero."

    All in all I feel really good about saving this women. The thing that saddens me most is that more people are out there who need help. I found out later when I talked with her over the phone that she did not even have a christmas tree she had cut a tree out of green construction paper and had taped it to her wall. If this does not do anything I hope my story has inspired somebody.

    Everyone has a wish but anyone can be a hero.
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