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    Easily 400 people attended OCCUPY EARTH worldwide, a 24 hour online music and poetry festival; Occupiers raised enough funding to keep over 200 hands warm this winter at Occupy Wall Streets all over America and the World. Literally ALL DAY December 17, 2011, this truly global event featured 5 hours of Live Poetry Readings, 7 hours of Live Music Concerts, and 10 hours of Incredibly Fun DeeJay Parties. See the timeline: http://tiny.cc/vcw9t


    My Occupy Earth Rant! Hey! Ratigan Has One! My Turn! http://tiny.cc/q893n


    Billy Bob Neck (billybob.finesmith) graced Occupy Earth with his sermonizing about G-d and home-spun winger ideologies (Picture 7)... Laying it on thick about us Occupy Wierdos, (like Why don’t we just get jobs? Really!)… Billy really got our blood boiling… we were thinking “Is this guy for real???”


    Then it struck me! OMG… I’m ranting like crazy while this guy talks… He’s clearly got our creative juices flowing… His approach is gentle and kind… Kinda like Stephen Colbert on heavy medication! LOL And Billy is the perfect foil to hone your ideas, sharpen your rhetoric. We all need that kind of training… while swimming in the intellectual propaganda storm… that characterizes our times. Guard Your Gourd! Big Time!


    My Rant: So called “pepper spray” is really a dangerous CHEMICAL WEAPON… So dangerous and evil that it’s a WAR CRIME. http://nopepperspray.org/ In 2006, use of Chemical Weapons in the United States was condemned by a Federal court, the victimized peaceful protesters won their case overwhelmingly. So why are our civil rights, as peaceful Occupy protesters, being violently attacked via Chemical Weapons War Crimes??? Clearly, the 1st and 8th Amendments to the US Constitution are breached.


    Just to remind all of us, (because so many have forgotten!), The First Amendment of the US Constitution States: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble…


    The 8th Amendment, in the Bill of Rights, in the US Constitution states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Don’t you think that spraying extremely painful Chemical Weapons in the eyes, nose, and throats of peaceful protesters might be CRUEL?


    ALL US OFFICIALS, Police, Military, Civil Servants, and Politicians, have a sworn duty to protect and defend the US Constitution... Priority #1... WTF! When are you going to start doing your JOB??? I am reminding you of your Oaths of Allegiance.. START DEFENDING FREE SPEECH and never cruelty http://tiny.cc/vdhb3


    In a nutshell, here is what I learned at Occupy Earth Music Festival:
    Your Right To VOTE!
    Your Right to SANE FOOD!
    Your RIght to HEALTH CARE!
    Your Right to Educational Opportunity!
    Your Right to FAIR PAID WORK!
    Or LOSE YOUR RIGHTS... Forever Amen Brother Billy! ;-)
    Start Here: http://tiny.cc/qlazx


    The Whole Occupy Earth Story!


    In Picture 2, I warmed up the stage with a few guitar licks, long before dawn, helping get our 24 hour LiveStream set up properly. I realized about 6 hours before showtime that DOH! We forgot to decorate the showplace! I put out an Emergency Call for Artists and Builders! OMG!


    And Thank G-d!!! Velazquez Bonito came to the rescue! The best stage-show designer in SL, among his numerous awesome talents! In way less than an hour, he had it all sorted. An amazingly beautiful original stage set design donated for Occupy Earth, adapted from his build for the long anticipated new SL Rock Opera: The Change! SNAPS for VELA! Woooooot!


    Serene Bechir, our poetic heroine, kicked off Occupy Earth Music & Poetry Festival with a standalone recitation of original and classic poetry (Pictures 5 and 6). We started Occupy Earth with over 10 avatar-users; the crowd grew and grew all day, so that over 400 unique users attended various events… the 24 hours ended with 31 avatars in the region, which is a huge crowd for any event by Second Life standards. An Outstanding Success! Well done one and all!!!



    Fun Happened! Imagine a Kangaroo Stampede crashing through an “off the rails” dance party… then see it for real in Pictures 3 and 4. In Picture 4 on my left and right are two of the most famous music personalities in Second Life, Eifachfilm Vacirca and ZenBeatz ( http://tiny.cc/531en ). ZenBeatz is an accomplished music promoter and the inspiration for making Occupy Earth “24 Hours”… Her and her extremely fun Larrikin Aussie Mates… made it possible to fill the Occupy Earth schedule without stop! SNAPS for ZENBEATZ!!! But wait there’s more… you can hear DeeJay Eifachfilm’s entire Occupy Earth deejay tracks set for free at: http://tiny.cc/yi30s


    A few (who deserve very special mention) among the numerous other organizers of Occupy Earth Music Festival include: Graine MacBain, Merry Arun, and Merriam Galaxy. Graine's proper THANK YOU is posted here: http://grainemac.blog.com/ SNAPS TO YOU ALL!


    Do the Math! 104,495 Linden Dollars donated by Occupy Earth to Occupy Supply, a benefit cause of Fire Dog Lake supporting the physical needs of Occupy Wall Street. http://tiny.cc/zjkmx C’mon DONATE! Give it up! With over 400 visitors at Occupy Earth, that means the “average” contribution was more than 1 real dollar per user. That means every 4 users donated enough for a pair of US Made Mil-Spec Woolen Gloves! The Best Kind! http://tiny.cc/fpynp Those 100 pairs of winter gloves is enough to outfit any one of the largest Occupy Wall Street General Assemblies in the world! SNAPS for OCCUPY EARTH!


    And that’s my story and our Occupy Earth story! It’s a Very Important Piece of 3-D Internet Herstory! I wrote it up for posterity and for you to savor! Our legacy to you… Now don’t delay! Fight for your rights! Get yer ya yas out! And OCCUPY!!! http://www.occupytogether.org/ There is an Occupy Near You! And We in Occupy SL are always within reach! Everywhere!

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