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    Posted December 19, 2011 by
    Tehran, Iran

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    In a Treasonous Act, Iranian Regime Sells Out Parts of the Country to China!



    Green Experts of Iran (GEI)

    18 Dec, 2011

       Iranian regime’s ineptitude in running the country’s domestic or foreign affairs, compounded by its inability to harness the economic sanctions, and political turmoil has forced the militant leaders of Iran to deliver the last remnants of their independence to China in a desperate attempt to prolong the life of the regime a while longer.

       As previously reported by GEI, throughout the recent four years, there has been a multitude of oil, gas, military and diplomatic agreements made between the two sides, each of which gradually eroding Iran’s political sovereignty and national wealth – in the shameful tradition of Turkmanchay treaty.

       Along the same line and due to the regime’s morbid fear of a potential military conflict with the West, another Iran-China contract is about to break ground, adding yet another shameful page to the shared history of the two countries.

       Within the frameworks of the new agreement, in exchange for relinquishing parcels of Iran’s land and natural resources, China promises to provide military protection for those areas. In other words, after practically taking over Iran’s Oil and Gas resources, the time has come to literally hand over geographic territories of Iran to a foreign nation [on a silver platter.]

       It is noteworthy to add that since 1963 no such agreement -- forced or voluntary (protectorate) -- has been made between any two nations. In 1965 a European court declared such diplomatic relations “Soft Colonialism” thereby asking all Western countries to withdraw from parts of Asia and Africa they had colonized and to seize such politics of domination.

    Sections of this most degrading Iran-China treaty are as follows:

        1- Three geographic zones consisting of:

    A) 380-Kilometer stretch of Persian Gulf peninsula as well as 8 kilometers into the sea.

    B) Large parcel of land from Eelaam province through Marivan which engulfs a newly-discovered enormous reservoir of natural gas. All information about the discovery remains classified.

    C) A vast North-Western area adjacent to Caspian Sea which is also situated atop an ocean of oil and natural gas.

    * All decisions as to the sales and customer selection in connection with the oil and gas extracted from two of the above locations (Eelaam and Persian Gulf) will be made exclusively by the Chinese oil companies and the role of Iran’s national oil company and Khatam-al-Anbia will be strictly operational. In depth details of China’s domination over Iran’s oil and gas resources had previously been reported by GEI.

         2- China holds exclusive rights to construction of all related infrastructure, refineries, power plants, roads and airports and only at the discretion of the Chinese such construction projects will be allocated to others.

    3- All projects involving the rebuilding of oil refineries across Iran will be carried out by the Chinese through 2019.

    4- Chinese companies are allowed to set up management bases in 21 predetermined locations throughout the three geographical regions. All entry and exit of Iranians, even Security and Intelligence officials, will require special permission from the Chinese.

    5- All security, monitoring and surveillance systems around these locations must be coordinated with the Chinese companies who will also issue clearance for the “defense” of the region.

    6- China is allowed to deploy to Iran as many experts and security personnel as it deems necessary. To date, over 11,000 Chinese nationals have arrived in Iran, majority of whom consisting of non-uniformed military personnel.

    7- Chinese government considers any foreign attack on these regions in Iran, an attack on its own territories and national interest and if necessary, will make every effort to defend them as such and for its military presence in Iran, will require no prior permission from Iranian government.

    8- The agreement is good through 2024 and extendable to 2029.

    9- The “tri-colonized” regions will be returned to Iran upon completion of the contract.

         In addition, Iran has agreed to pay $9 billion upon completion of the contract, to aid China’s military industry and building of naval aircraft carriers and to enlist Iran as a top customer.

         According to GEI, the recent statements made by General Xiao Jiang, Chinese senior military commanders, regarding his country’s readiness to defend Iran on all fronts, in the event of a foreign attack, stem from this very agreement. The military strategist, Xiao Jiang along with another Chinese general, will be directly responsible for all military talks with Iranian regime and with his deputy currently stationed in Tehran, Jiang will oversee the implementation and all aspects of the agreement through completion.



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