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    Posted December 29, 2011 by
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    Kim Jong Il dead at 69

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    North Korea: A Model for The Free World?

    One might sometimes think of North Korea as a deeply retarded country, living in a stuck-in-time lifestyle and middle-aged conditions, under the rule of a ruthless leader using mass media and propaganda to create a cult of personality, and where “opposition” is a bad word. But that is so wrong and the people of North Korea proved it yesterday!

    North Korea is a vibrant country where millions of people cry their departed beloved leader, for example. Crying and screaming North Koreans have been filmed by the North Korean state television to show the pain they physically feel after losing the great father-figure that was their late leader, Kim Jong-il.

    Now, let me ask… Could anyone imagine one million Britons in Parliament Square crying over the deceased body of PM David Cameron, or one million French people at the Champs-Elysées mourning their late president Nicolas Sarkozy? (Well, Zidane and the French “les bleus” did it in 1998, when they won the World Cup!)

    Would Angela Merkel make it? With the Euro crisis… difficult!

    Silvio Berlusconi? He resigned a few weeks ago, anyway!

    Barack Obama would probably have stood a chance… if he had kept his promises!

    Vladimir Putin, maybe? Even though people are mostly in the streets of Moscow these days protesting against his pseudo-victory at the recent general elections!

    Unlikely. Very unlikely.

    When they get elected, our leaders are usually greeted by millions of people who voted for them rejoicing in the streets. When the honeymoon period finishes, they usually fail to convince their electorate that they are trying their best for the country. When time for re-election comes, they promise they will do better next time, but they don’t! With great joy comes great disillusion! Look at the list again: Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama, Merkel, Berlusconi, Putin… They all failed to impress and it will soon be payback time for them all!

    North Korea should be a model for the so-called Free World. Our governments should learn from that powerful country (yep… they do have nuclear bombs… don’t you ever forget that!) and get people together in a big square or avenue, from time to time, to celebrate our late leaders, mourning for days, crying all the tears of our body and screaming how difficult it will be to live without them, and also how much we loved them far more than we ever loved any member of our own family. And then, rejoice for the new leader who, even though nobody knows from Adam, will (hopefully!!!) rule as ruthlessly as his father!
    Who knows if this big celebration wouldn’t unite us all and stop the current financial crisis, and make us all happy ever after! Who knows? Maybe the North Koreans have actually found the secret to happiness? A good cry for the leadership to continue over and over…

    So, I say well done to the North Korean people! Keep up the good work! Keep leading the world by example!

    (Photo: BBC News)

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