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    Posted December 29, 2011 by
    Gravios Mills, Missouri

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    Warning signs of a Pedophile!


    A pedophile can be anyone!Old,young,rich,poor educated or uneducated non-professional or professional they come in every aspect. All pedophiles have similar personality traits.The knowledge of these behaviors coupled with ones actions can fire off alarms to protect all and any child from them.


    Here is a list of traits.


    There is no specific age group or look


    with few to no friends his age


    if married the relationship is more like a companion with little or no sexual activity


    Often vague about employment history the gaps in time he/she was incarcerated


    Pedophiles are often fascinated with child like activities


    Often prefers children's activities over and adult activity


    often uses heavenly and exaggerated terms to describe a child


    angelic,innocent, divine, often seeming inappropriate and exaggerated about a certain child


    They often have child like hobbies such as planes train's exotic pets collecting toys


    Pedophiles prefrences


    Often a pedophile has an age preference some like young children some older but they ussually stick to the age group they offend



    Pedophiles often seek jobs with access to children


    Pedophiles often try get jobs as a coach,tutor,contact sport instructor, any means to access alone time with the child in the preferred age group. The main goal is unsupervised time with a child.


    The Target child


    Pedophiles often seek shy,handicapped, withdrawn, children or from troubled homes and showers them with attention,gifts offering trips to amusement parks,beach, or concerts


    Manipulation of a Child


    It ranges from simply building a trust and then going in for the attack, the intimidation can be a threat on the family,friends or the child itself. Pedophiles are master manipulators they have or are perfecting their skills. They often watch adult content movies with a child, photograph them, offer drugs or alcohol to change recall of events. They show favoritism toward a specific child due to the time invested in building the perverse relationship.


    Stockholm Syndrome


    Is real and often the child has a trust and loving bond toward the pedophile.Often desiring the offenders approval and continued acceptance. They are more often concerned more with the offenders welfare then the reality of what is being done to them.


    Single Parents


    Pedophiles often seek out single parents to build relationships with. Trying to gain access to the child


    if this parent works offering to babysit to be alone with the child.Many times the offender manipulates the adults as well as the children.


    Fighting a back against pedophiles


    Pedophiles use a lot time stalking and building a relationship with their victom ussually not seeing having a sexual relationship with a child as wrong or perverse. We must teach our children appropriate and inappropriate touching at a very young age. Encourage open communications that they can come tell with out a huge angry outburst, they must be made feel as safe telling. Seek immediate medical attention any time a sexual offense has occurred. Contact appropriate law enforcement file complaints many times people avoid filing complaints this allow the offender to continue assaulting children with no history of his crimes. Be aware if an adult has odd behaviors towards a child and actions report your fears to law enforcement often the parent or care giver can be in denial.


    Last  tid bit i would like to share never make a false report out of spite.The time used to investigate could have saved a child from being abused. Truly there should be arrest for false statements made in these cases however molestation and rape are very hard to convict on unless there is overwhelming physical eveidence so that being said.



                                                                                           Be Blessed Be safe Be Aware

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