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    How Do My Experiences of Joining Local Art Activities Enforced Sympathy for Tamsui

    I was part of members of Tamsui local costume march, and I was one of the actors of the local environmental drama performed by residents outside in Tamsui. I am a student of Tamkang University who came from Yun-lin County as a College student in Tamshui. Originally I like the beauty of Tamsui landscape, nature, history heritages, and convenient life functions. The activities enhance my love toward Tamsui. I love Tamsui more by now. I sensed a different touching feeling toward Tamsui during the process of the activities, but I wonder what it is. I think I have to find it out from the beginning to the end. I will go through local landscape, space, sense of place, and land issues of Tamsui.
    Speaking of cultural landscape, there are gorgeous mountains, attractive Tamsui (Danshui) River, vigorous mangrove, cute cherry blossoms, flying water birds and fishes. There are ancient fort and Fort San Domingo, which was built by the Dutch in the past. From the year of around 2008 on, local artists of Tamsui plan for holding art activities. Cosplay Parade by the residents and art performances on the streets are included. Lots of art showground and exhibition hall started working. I happen to take part in the masquerade march to step on Tamsui ancient streets and join as one of the actors of local drama this year of 2011. A few months before the parade, there are plenty of various art decorations hanging on the poles and walls on the two sides of the Tamsui old streets. In addition to the art performers on Tamsui streets in normal days, there are lots of newly-set installment art works on the roadsides, making the view of the streets more wonderful and unique than ever. This art performance plan brings about crowds and unusual views. Originally, Tamsui is a convenient, beautiful, and historical cultural town. Now it becomes more fabulous, fantasy, and poetic. The theme of the Cosplay march this year is the group of five huge ships as art tools which presents the specialties and characteristics of Tamsui. I walk on the streets with makeup with other residents together. Some of us make themselves look like fish. And I make myself look like a French soldier. In the past, Tamsui was a famous fishing port. Now it descends. The flowing ‘fishes’ of the parade on the streets remind us of the glory of Tamsui in the past because Tamsui is famous for being as a big business port in history. In 1884, Tamsui was invaded by the French for its resource and important military location. The French use Taiwan to threaten China to give Vietnam to them. To take the northern coast of Taiwan, the French choose to take the coal mine of Keelung and the Port of Tamsui. On Oct. 1884, to avoid the French soldiers from invading Taipei from the estuary of Tamsui River, the commander-in-chief Sun Kai-hua decided to bombard boats and sink those shipwrecks into the river. This sacrifice the fish port function of Tamsui but saved all of the residents. Today, the local residents of Tamsui makeup and make themselves look like ancient Chinese soldiers and French soldiers of 100 years ago. They had fun together and laugh happily on the streets. Among them, there are even foreigners who live in Tamsui. It’s like the people in the old memory all wake up again and come alive. During the parade, if you look around the view of the streets, the masquerade roles and art tools make you feel like having a dream. Although we all wear kind of masque or make-up, in that day, we know we are mentally connected with each other. On that day we became part of art landscape of Tamsui together and we got a short-term identity. In fact, I am not a Tamsui local. But I spent 3 months to prepare for the parade and the drama performance with other Tamsui residents after I get the information of the art activities. When I see the beautiful view of Tamsui cultural and art landscape, I feel encouragement and
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