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    Posted January 2, 2012 by

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    Election 2012. Romney's track record vs Obama's fantastic speeches and great rhetoric

    Sahit Muja: Election 2012. Romney's track record vs Obama's fantastic speeches and great rhetoric
    President Obama ran a good campaign in 2008. He had never really run anything else, as a community activist, so folks were impressed with his ability to run a campaign.

    Now, we see that Romney and his team can run a good campaign ... in Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, Virginia, and the rest of the country.
    This is not a surprise. Romney have run private companies where they turned around , the Olympics where they restored the brand, and Massachusetts where he balanced 4 budgets.

    Romney has a good track record. He will be a good candidate against Obama because he offers a choice.
    Romney favors the private sector, Obama the public sector; Romney favors balanced budgets vs. Obama favors deficit funding; Romney favors smaller government vs. larger government he works with others who don't agree with him .
    Obama blaming others.

    Romney is a pragmatist who knows how to get things done; Obama is a ideologue who gives fantastic speeches and has great rhetoric but less follow through.
    President will point his finger at the Republicans and put all the blame on them.

    President Obama will try in 2012 election to weasel out of his responsibility as President of the United States
    President Obama reminds me a former partner of mine. My partner was hyper-articulate, strong as steel in a meeting, but it was all an act.

    He didn’t have a shred of common sense and precious little practical experience to run the business.
    Smartest on fantastic speeches and has great rhetoric. Dumbest guy I ever met in business . . . at least pending an introduction to the President Obama.

    President Obama administration’s wrecking crew is now demolishing the investment community.
    First Democrats went after businesses by decimated employment.

    U.S. Government ran the deficit way out of control $15.2 trillion dollars. This administration has clobbered the working poor and the middle class.
    And now they are taking down people who invest, whom they consider evil “millionaires and billionaires.”

    How much damage can Obama administration do though over-regulation, environmental wackoism, failure to allow production of more domestic energy, constant talk of higher taxes, incessant business bashing, ridiculous growth of government, and failure to understand capitalism and the free market?

    President Obama is utterly bankrupt in terms of political capital.
    As much as President might want to revise history on His record, the American people will see through the rhetoric.

    This president is finished, so long as American voters are equipped with the mental faculties to perceive economic devastation .
    The national debt is running at an alarming clip, with no sign of a let up in its growth.
    In just one year, the debt jumped from $13.8 trillion to $15.2 trillion, and the U.S. spend $1.3 trillion more than it takes in during the current fiscal year.

    President Obama has nothing to show for his 4 years except for economic devastation, $15.2 trillion in debt, over 45 million Americans on food stamps and 15 million unemployed Americans .
    American people are smart , informed enough, both politically and economically, to see beyond the rhetoric and demagoguery.
    Sahit Muja
    President and CEO
    Albanian Minerals
    New York
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