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    Posted January 7, 2012 by
    Upstate, New York
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    Facebook Attacks Private Citizen


        Facebook, a social media website, is using the threat of legal and financial ruin, under the color of law, to attack a lone programmer.


        Going by the internet pseudonym of "Flies", a lone programmer has created a script, or program, that is added on as a browser extension, for which he does not charge. FGS (Friendly Gaming Simplifier)
       This browser extension does nothing more than gather posts to a users Facebook webpage. It collects virtual items, and returns them to gamers who have sent them. It does nothing within the games, nor with the games, that any other player cannot do without it (except save them countless hours of repetitive clicking, and the resultant injuries), and allows players to fairly and equally address others in the game. An untold number of game participants use (and have been using, for some time now) this browser extension-and the world of Facebook has not ceased spinning to date!
       These games, i.e., Farmville, *anyville, etc., require users to add, and spam, large numbers of Facebook users in their "friend" lists. This furthers advertising the game,increases exposure and revenue, and is often the only single way to proceed in the game...unless you want to spend real life cash. They are also, largely, games by a company named Zynga.


      Received on the day of 6th January 2012 02:05 GMT+1, Perkins Coie attorney company, which is representing Facebook Inc., based in Menlo Park, California, enjoined this programmer of the following:


    - Stop offering the FGS Browser Software, or any other software that interferes with Facebook’s intended limitations or impairs the proper working of Facebook,
    - Cease and not access the Facebook site(s) and/or services for any reason whatsoever.


      So-the programmer not only cannot use or offer his browser extension, but is banned from using Facebook as well? Really?
    You can read the notice for yourself here:




      Internet users, dismayed and objecting to this action by Facebook and its' representatives have created a petition enjoining FACEBOOK to cease and desist in this scurrilous attack of someone so freely donating their personal time and effort, with no view to profit, here:





      Many people also dislike the idea of trying to crush lone persons' into submission by threatening them with huge legal battles that they would find insurmountable, on the basis of cost alone!


      In my personal experience, the browser extension offered by "Flies" has been the mitigator of tendonitis pain, among other things. It has also allowed me to participate in the game(s) in a fair and equitable manner, given the number of "neighbors" required to proceed in these games.

      What one truly fails to understand, is how this browser extension does any single one of the things that these  representatives of Facebook allege-because it certainly does not-as evidenced by the plethora of other browser extentions out there that Facebook is NOT threatening to commence legal action on! Many of these browser extension are created, used, and supported by Mozillas' Firefox,and Google Chrome!

      This being the case, one could presumably extrapolate that Facebook accuses Mozilla and Google of Supporting and promoting the interference of the proper working of Facebook. I am not aware of current browser extension by or for Internet Explorer that address the Facebook website, but if there are any, would this accusation be leveled at Microsoft, and Windows, as well?


      Therefore, this reporter urges everyone to locate, and sign the petition mention above, and to immediately contact Facebook, and voice displeasure over this attack, and any and all attacks like this. This person is causing neither harm, nor interference of ANY kind to Facebook, nor any of its' affiliates (such as ZYNGA).

      Somehow, Facebook has entered into partnership with the Devil, and one can only presume that the Devil (Zynga?) is pressuring this move.




    As seen in the comments section below, other information is being offered, and I will update the article when I receive confirmation from interested parties. Although i did make referances to, and a question of Zynga, I would like to point out that a direct accusation of that company was  not made-merely  referenced as one game developer or affiliate of Facebook.com.



    In reference to the above, several  sources have reported that it is likely much more to the point to mention game developer Sergey Smirnov, 2bsocial,LLC (Software Engineer).  The games I am talking about are Puzzled Hearts and Charmed Gems.


    For this information, I offer my gratitude and appreciation to those contributors who are helping provide information to this iReport.

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