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    Nigeria unrest

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    Subsidy Removal: Ban Ki Moon Is Ignorant of Nigerian Situation-Apostle Oluyemi

    In this interview, the presiding Man of God of Achievers Rock Commission International, Apostle Perez Iyiola Oluyemi spoke on the issue of fuel subsidy removal as well as some other national issues.
    Subsidy removal is a hypocritical term used by the government. There are people behind the scene; a cabal comprising of people who have refineries outside the shores of this country. Nigerians who have ships and are bringing in the refined products into the country. Subsidy removal is a grand deception by these people who have ostensibly hijacked the government and are now in total control. The issue should have been dead and buried if the government is really sincere about it. Economic analysts and even experts in the field have all said that if we are to refine the product locally, the price per litre of the product should not be more N30. Here the government is still selling it for N65 with about N35 gain. Now the question is: why are they blocking the refineries from working? If not for continued enslavement of the masses? Even with all the previous subsidy removals and some other increment in the prices of petroleum products- how many roads have they constructed or repaired? The Benin/Ore road is there! Lagos/Ibadan and some other notorious roads that are killing the masses everyday because of government negligence are all there. Many infrastructural facilities which would have made life easier for masses are still begging for attention. Yet, this insensitive government is hell-bent in removing the subsidy. The big belly that is swallowing the money is still there and if something drastic is not done to change the situation; the masses would continue to suffer from this insensitive government. But we need to remind the government at this moment that the protesters are the ones ruling the world now. The internet has no doubt made revolution very easy to coordinate. The cabal should also know that the masses are aware of their antics and very soon nemesis would catch up with them. The President must come back to the reality of the Nigerian situation and reverse the subsidy if this country is to remain one. His refusal will only bring more anarchy in the land.
    I have said it several times that Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder. And if the issue of subsidy and Boko Haram are not properly handled by Jonathan, Nigeria may be no more in years to come. Unfortunately, men of God who ought to have intervened are not doing so for their own selfish interest. Like somebody was saying that if the six biggest churches in Nigeria have intervened right from the start; Jonathan would not have removed the subsidy.
    Unfortunately, some of these so-called men of God are under the payroll of the government and are finding it extremely difficult to speak the truth. Most members of this cabal pay their tithe and offerings to these churches and that is why today you did not hear any of them condemning the subsidy removal. Can you imagine a cluster of Anglican priests coming out to support this unpopular anti-people policy? Are they telling us that all members of their church can actually afford to buy the fuel at this exorbitant price that it is being sold? I think whoever that is supporting this anti-people policy should have a rethink over it because the masses can come after anybody now irrespective of whom they are. We have seen this in Europe where the masses attacked the churches because of this kind of scenario playing itself out in the country.
    The hardship is too severe on the masses. Let the pain of this heavy horror be borne more by the bourgeoisie who have removed the subsidy. All political office holders- including the president should cut down their outrageous salaries and allowances to implement some of the programs they think i
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