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    Vote Vermin Supreme "You're Friendly Facist"


    Vote Vermin Supreme "You're Friendly Facist"
    This is why I watch C-SPAN


    Call me a geek, I like reality and I can't stand being brainwashed... sorrrry. I watch every cSPAN channel, and it's about all I watch on the old Telly set! And I LIKE IT! "Only boring people get bored" Ruth Burke


    This is a CSPAN Forum of the "Lesser-Known" Presidential Candidates in NH. Vermain Supreme was hilarious, the other guys were too. I'll upload more if anyone likes this. One guy wanted to have mandatory psychiatric testing for all students. Another young guy got up there and gave the worst anti- capitalist speech I've ever heard (think he said he wanted to kill the wealthy?)


    I haven't laughed that hard in a while! He did give up a kidney...


    "Vote Early, Vote Often, remember a vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote totally thrown away... give up a kidney" - Best Line


    Yes, I taped it with my web cam (I know so 1985) but because I can never find this stuff afterwards on CSpan later even looking in the archives. (they edit first)


    Everyone seemed to have half wrong and half right (like most candidates, except Ron paul) Just stand for the constitution and don't add your own social agenda into it. That lee-way you get or give as Republican in White house just goes to Dems later (aka Stimulus plan) later and so on. So just stop the corrupt system! Vote for Paul or don't vote at all! Please...I'm serious (and remember I will bake you a cake if you vote... don't forget)


    t only cost 1,000 dollars to run in NH, so heck I'm running too in 2016 if you like to donate to my campaign..JK (maybe)


    Isn't everything just a little more fun (even this debate would have been) with at least one woman besides all males. Not a question. I don't know how much it is to run here in Texas, but I'll be at the Straw Poll Jan. 12 (this week) and you can write my name in if you like :) SO KIDDING! YOU BETTER VOTE RON PAUL IF YOUR HERE IN TEXAS! Oh yeah, and I will be doing my little radio show/video feed from the Houston Straw Poll with guest host Jess Penick from Youth for Ron Paul. It's a 3 day even folks. Saddle up! No literally it's call "Saddle Up" straw Poll.. I will ride a bull too.


    I'll do a spell check later folks. I also "recorded" a town hall with Ron Paul in NH and some other stuff that CSPAN never puts on the archives page (they edit out the incriminating stuff) So yes, I watch CSPAN, and I'm not ashamed of it. Please subscribe and at least look at my other videos. The Girls 4 ROn Paul playlist a good place to start. All types of girls (so no not all are one way: some sexy but thats just to get your lazy eyes over there to start watching. It's a trick that working well)


    Register to vote in primaries for Republican and vore for D.Paul (MY HERO) and I will bake you a cake. Just go to that video for more info on how to make your request. Yes I'll do pie or other items.


    That was a long description huh? Women... what can ya do. (Not a question, again) http://ronpaulgirl.com


    A Girls Guide to Liberty Radio Show & callin # : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ronpaulgirl

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