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    Posted January 9, 2012 by

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    US military Strategy

    The new military strategy announced by President Obama to rethink the roles of the armed forces in the new century, confirms the government's plans to remain the foremost military power in the world and try to contain the military expansion, economic and political, China, Russia, India and Brazil.It is based on avoiding protracted wars and high economic costs, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, to achieve a reduction in Army and Marine Corps, for the economic conditions of large fiscal deficit and budget cuts of the current government is necessary to deny the export of war, when the cost of military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, which began in Republican administrations, was over U.S. $ 4 billion trillion dollars over 10 years of war. The new military strategy, consider that in case of new wars, fewer troops will be used and ground operations, and reinforcing combat aircraft, building more UAV drones capable of GPS guided bombs and missiles, promote use of modern weapons, ammunition tanks guida ERGM guns, cyber warfare and space warfare.
    The geographic projection of the new conflict in this new century, will be oriented towards the Asia-Pacific, in Southeast Asia to contain China's geopolitical expansion, considered the main rival of the U.S. Navy U.S. Navy, which is building new warships, submarines and aircraft carriers.
    Given the need to counter minor enemies like Iran, the new military strategy suggests the need to collaborate with Britain, NATO and friendly countries allow the sale of new fighter aircraft F-15 and missile frigates to the Combat System AEGIS, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Oman, strengthen the combat readiness and mobility of its submarine fleet, install new missiles for coastal combat in war cruisers and Arleigh Burke class missile frigates in the Ticonderoga class, guided munitions automatic guns ERGM and new attack missiles Surface-to-earth type, the construction of new models of stealth bombers, to approve the construction of the new series invisible fighter F-35, with greater advantage to naval attack and support missions to ground bases, the development of new ABM missile defense systems and the expansion of the fleet of navigation satellites and global positioning GPS, to attack with ICBMs and space, belligerent governments, terrorist camps, coastal military bases, nuclear facilities and underground laboratories without the need to employ ground troops and military forces.
    The military presence in Europe will be to support Britain and NATO, increase the level of technology, the new missile defense system missile defense, ABM system than the Cold War stations install new X-band AESA radar in Turkey and Poland, land bases for interceptor missiles, new missiles carried on submarines and surface ships, with the help of military satellites, for the development of new SDI space defense system.
    In the Middle East and Persian Gulf military presence will remain with the help of Britain and NATO, to keep open the Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz and defending Israel from attacks from neighboring countries in the present circumstances of political instability as a result of revolutions in the Arab world, the growing influence of Islamic extremism and terrorism.
    In other friendly countries, reaffirmed plans to continue the programs of cooperation on nuclear nonproliferation, regional security, fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, by conducting joint naval maneuvers and permanent missions of U.S. military experts territory of friendly countries, and naval surveillance in deep water, with boats reaching the U.S. Navy, to fight together against smuggling, drug trafficking, piracy and illegal fishing.In 2013 it will be possible to know the costs, basic parameters of the new defense budget and detail, because it approved a cut in military budget conscious, of at least U.S. $ 1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years, and this may automatically occur as a mechanism for budget cuts agreed in late 2011,after
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