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    Texting While Driving


    Cell phones are very convenient in the way that they allow a person to message, call, and email others, all at the tip of their fingers. Ever since 1973, these mobile devices have improved to become more efficient for people of all ages to use (When Was The Cell Phone). Cell phones are also used to research news, listen to music, find directions, etc., which are all very beneficial. They have become an everyday accessory and for some, a necessity. However, cell phones are common distractions not only at work, in school or at home, but while driving. Having a phone in the car while driving is very tempting; if a driver hears their phone ring, most will immediately look at the phone instead of focusing on the road. This not only puts the driver in danger, but the passengers, pedestrians and other drivers on the road as well. The problem of people using their phones will continue until further action takes place (Beware The Dangers).

    Texting while driving is a very controversial issue that has been present in our world ever since “texting” was invented. Many people do not know the risks of texting while driving and the people that do, do not take this information seriously. Statistics prove that texting while driving is more hazardous than talking on the phone and even driving while intoxicated. A driver is four times more likely to trigger an accident while driving drunk or talking on the phone, but a driver is eight times more likely to cause an accident while texting (Texting While Driving). As an attempt to fix this issue, thirty states have banned texting while driving, but the majority of these states do not enforce this law. It is very difficult for a police officer to accuse a driver of texting while driving, because one can just put down the phone and make up an excuse that they were just looking down or changing the radio station (Deadly Distraction).
    This problem will be difficult to solve, because cell phones are becoming more popular everyday as well as and more resourceful. With cell phones improving as quickly as they are, people will find a need to use them all the time, even when driving. For example, the iPhone has recently came out with voice technology called “Siri” that can be a huge distraction while operating a vehicle. Others may say that texting while driving is not a “big deal”, and they will continue to do so. When asking a female friend who recently got her license, if she texts and drives she responds with, “Yeah, but I am really careful when I do it.” People like this think they are being very careful, until it results in an accident that can be fatal. Over half of teenage drivers admit to texting while driving (Austin). This problem must be resolved, because it poses a danger to all people on the road; whether you are a child, passenger, or driver.


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