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    Posted January 16, 2012 by

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    Online gaming fraud


    Hello, I wanted to share with you a rising problem in an underestimated sector: online gaming related to fraud.   "Gamersfirst" is a corporation that offers to everyone the possibility to play online 8 different games. It also offers in exchange of money some extras, so called premiums, which help you improving faster your ingame level. A problem that "Gamersfirst" has to fight against, is the rising amount of people who hack the game, getting the overhand on it. The game which I specifically want to talk about is called "Warrock", in which the episode that I want to share took place.   After this introduction, I want to show you what happened a few days ago, in this Role Play Game called "Warrock", owned by "Gamersfirst":   The 11Th January 2012, Gamersfirst Corporation introduced a new method to fight against hackers in Warrock, that included the banning of all those accounts that were found guilty of using any kind of hacking program or acting against any of the rules given. At first sight this was a great move against hackers: about more than 30'000 players were banned, all of them supposed to be hackers, but here is the catch: Lot's of players that got banned, didn't use any kind of hacking programes nor did act against the playing rules. Amongst the players, there are many that were actually investing money in the game by buying premiums. I can't tell any numbers yet, but it's supposed that the amount of wrongly banned players exceed 15%, under which there are many of them that had invested money in their account. By asking players about the possibility of turning around this mistakes, the answer they could give was as follows:   "Even though I always played fair and in accordance to the game rules, the 11th of January 2012 I've got banned by Gamersfirst. I tried to contact Gamersfirst, but there was no answer at first. After many tries I finally got an answer, but there was no attempt on helping me out, they just told me that my account has found guilty of using third party tools. Now all the money I spent into my account has gone and I still don't know the reason for it."   The price of buying premium varies between 7.95 USD and 71.95 USD, there are also many other items you can purchase, but I leave it out for the next calculation. The loss of money this players have is just a matter of calculation: Supposing that 15% out of 30'000 players got banned wrongly and 30% of them were using premium, with the average of premium cost on 33.30 USD / player, the amount of lost money would be 44'955 USD. Adding the price of the items that were purchased, the price could grow even more.   How legitimate was this action? Can it be seen as fraud?   For any further information, you can personally check out the Gamersfirst website, more precisely WarRock's website. There is an ongoing discussion right now about ignored complains by players that can prove they are right, even though they are not getting any support.   What makes this even more worrying is the fact, that by now there are again hackers in the game, just few days after the "judgement day" (that is how Warrock team calls their mission on 11.01.2012).     With Regards, RP

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