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    Will Alcatraz Be 'The Rock' For FOX?


    It's that time of year again, yes its 'Mid-Season Series Replacement' time for the TV shows that did not make it from September.


    On FOX tonight, the new JJ Abrams thriller started at 8:00PM with a two hour pilot, "Alcatraz'.


    'Alcatraz' is of course the infamous prison - dubbed 'The Rock' - that closed here in California in 1963. The joint housed some of the worst criminals in the United States, but would happen if it really did not close after all?


    A San Francisco detective with roots to the prison (She had two relatives as guards) stumbles on the case of inmates who have came back from the past to continue their mayhem of crime in the present day Bay Area.


    But how did they get here? Time travel - or time warp? Of course, there is a secret goverment agency that knows of the problem and is trying to track the escapees down - alive - to stop the crimes and to and find out what is going on.


    FOX has became famous for cutting edge shows like this ('Lost', '24') so will this program win its time slot to become a fan favorite?


    We gave the pilot a grade of A-. This could be one to watch!


    Mondays at 9 on FOX...

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