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    Seventeen Strategies to Circumvent the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


    Seventeen Strategies to Circumvent the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms



    The first strategy uses assessment orders before trial, disability and mental illness, and participating psychiatrists to circumvent the right to a fair trial.


    The strategy is linked to smear campaigns and using assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility of committing a crime due to mental illness before trial when the accused has not committed a crime. It uses ignorance or the claim that being not guilty of committing a crime due to mental illness is the same as simply being not guilty. The accused does not go to trial or get a trial.

    This strategy means that each year the Police can use false allegations, uttered threats for example, break down the accused's door and damage personal property, search his home without a warrant, seize computers without a warrant, and escape It all through an assessment order for non-criminal responsibility due to mental illness, circumventing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms regarding the need for search warrants, entering and searching a dwelling home, seizure of computers and private information, and the right to a fair trial.


    The second strategy involves the seizure of computers without a warrant, returning the seized computers, and claiming the accused cannot prove the Police have made copies and therefore cannot ask for a court order that any existing copies from the seizure be destroyed.

    This strategy means that without the court order for any existing copies to be destroyed the Police may have copies of private information from the seizure of computers and may use it at a later time resulting in circumventing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    The Difference:

    1. A Prosecutor mistaken or having been misinformed about the existence of copies to benefit in the proceedings at a later time means the accused has to sue him for damages, and he may not be liable or subject to a complaint with the chief Crown Prosecutor.

    2. If a Judge issues an order for the destruction of any existing copies and it is later discovered the Police and Prosecutor have copies, searched them, and attempt to use them, these are illegal acts.


    Another  strategy example to circumvent the Canadian Charter: False allegations  along with insinuations that the accused is dangerous are used to obtain  communications interception and surveillance.

    Court  delays, unlawful orders, prosecutors that do not want to drop the  charges but do not want to ask for a trial either knowing the  allegations are false, judges ordering trials that are not asked for by prosecutors or the accused are used to extend the period of time that the accused is under communications interception and surveillance.

    Using false allegations, insinuations the accused is dangerous, and extending the court proceedings through delays and orders to obtain communications interception that circumvents the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


    The fourth strategy and possibility is similar to the seizure of computers and claiming the accused cannot prove the Police have copies to ask that any existing copies be destroyed, and linked to it in smear campaigns and malicious prosecutions.

    The Crown Prosecutor claims to his knowledge there are no copies followed later by the Police claim "we did have copies, the prosecutor said we had no copies, sue him if you want too".

    The Information/Denounciation is the allegations that a Justice indicates without a signature, the Justice signature is a stamp on the front blue sheet of the Prosecutors file. So the prosecutor can actually give the accused a phony unsigned Information/Denounciation document with a limited allegation, and later another with a larger list of allegations can be used resulting in the same response from the Police "the prosecutor gave you that phony document, sue him if you want too".


    Citizens are presented with the believe that they have rights and civil liberties, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but they are circumvented through the use of homelessness, the homelessness weapon.

    The Police, Criminal Judicial System, and Mob are linked to eliminating a citizens means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations or during long delayed criminal proceedings in attempts to make a conviction or smear campaign easier, mobbing.


    Following criminal allegations the Crown Prosecutor is supposed to ask for a trial, to prosecute, or drop the charges, not a Judge or the Accused.

    There are reasons why in some cases the Crown Prosecutor would not want ask for a trial such as knowing the allegations are false or he does not have a strong case and would not want to be responsible for a trial or the expense linked to the failed prosecution.

    Criminal allegations make a citizen vulnerable to organized crime and different patterns linked to the mob or mobbing, the accused eventually lose their means of subsistence, if they were not eliminated pre-criminal allegations, making prosecution easier and the possibility of being sued for malicious allegations or prosecutions unlikely so delays in asking for trial are in the favor of Crown Prosecutors, linked to the Accused being under pressure from the mob or workplace psychological harassment and wishing to go to trial to prove their innocence as soon as possible.

    In the case where the Accused can withstand these pressures from the mob or organized crime and the Crown Prosecutor does not wish to ask for the trial, a Judge can be used to do it, to increase the delays and the links to them.

    This strategy circumvents the Charter by removing the responsibility for prosecution, malicious prosecutions, from the Crown Prosecutors and placing the responsibility on the Accused, or a Judge.




    The seventh strategy uses intervention to circumvent the right to liberty, which leads to incarceration at a prison psychiatric institution similar to the first strategy that uses non-criminal responsibility assessment orders before trial to circumvent the right to a fair trial.


    1. Motive non-criminal responsibility before trial.
    2. Motive incarceration.
    3. Motive repression through powerful radar assaults and serious illness, cancer.


    The police, criminal judicial system, and mob are linked to combining criminal allegations with powerful radar assaults over long and delayed criminal proceedings.


    1.a) non-criminal responsibility, before trial is mentioned in the first strategy to escape false allegations and charter violation before trial and to circumvent the right to a fair trial.
    2.a) behavior, the behavior linked to victims of powerful radar assaults attempting to attenuate powerful radar through materials aka metal or shield themselves from these is used to justify intervention leading to incarceration at a prison psychiatric institution.
    2.b) run away, victims of powerful radar assaults that run away are recaptured and incarcerated for violating their conditions for release and for running away.
    2.c) personal hygiene, the personal hygiene of victims of powerful radar assaults begins to suffer as they try to avoid these or prevented from cleaning their homes or taking baths by these assaults.
    2.d) seemed deranged, these assaults along with criminal harassment participant threats and provocation are used to anger or enrage victims, who then seem deranged or unstable, leading to justification for incarceration.
    2.e) money, victims of radar assaults who suddenly begin to spend to stay at hotels to avoid assaults or for protections measures against these assaults, shielding and attenuation, a large expense added to the already large expense of judicial proceedings and legal representation can be used to justify intervention.
    2.f) claims of radar assaults, the claim of being assaulted by powerful radar its self can be used to justify police intervention leading to a psychiatric institution and incarceration. Note, the psychiatric institution members do not do criminal investigations for weapons assaults, they treat illness.
    3.a) threats of intervention leading to incarceration and the threat of being found guilty through non-criminal responsibility before trial is used to discourage the behavior of take protection measures against powerful radar assaults, shielding and attenuation of powerful radar, making victims more vulnerable to the effects of these, serious illness and cancer.
    3.b) the powerful radar assaults over several months and years, over long and delayed criminal proceedings for example, leads to serious illness and cancer.

    This strategy is linked to incarceration during long and delayed criminal proceedings, isolation, increasing the legal cost of the criminal proceedings, creating a vulnerability to participating defense lawyers, creating a vulnerability to others, obtaining private medical information, and creating a vulnerability to participating prison psychiatrists, the first strategy to circumvent the right to a fair trial through an assessment order before trial for non-criminal responsibility that would sanction false allegations and charter violations such as the seizure of private information without a warrant, computers.



    Participating defense lawyers are used by the mob to help in the high cost of criminal proceedings and a successful conviction that is hard to Appeal given the "representation" by legal council, a defense lawyer. Any claim by the accused that this defense lawyer was used in a setup and participated in a smear campaign, framing the accused, results in a lawsuit against the accused and more expenses, another mob strategy.

    Participating psychiatrists can help with assessment orders that are given before trial for non-criminal responsibility or in attempts to control the criminal proceedings through a participating defense lawyer.


    Criminal harassment has been mentioned in other previous strategies, criminal harassment networks, the use of technology, the 2005 award winning sound technology that can be used for criminal harassment in a victims own home and high levels of sleep deprivation, powerful radar assaults in a victims own home linked to deadly forms of cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, while the accused is already overwhelmed financially by criminal allegations, insinuations that he is dangerous, and Police or Psychiatric intervention that would lead to incarceration during the criminal proceedings. Incarceration leading to other vulnerabilities, increased expense for legal council, and bad legal council or legal council that benefits in long criminal proceedings, participating psychiatrists, external members that the accused is now dependent on and vulnerable to to manage their affairs etc.


    Similar to the way the mob and criminal harassment networks use workplace psychological harassment to eliminate a person's means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations, the mob and criminal harassment networks are now involved in attempts to destroy a person's health through high levels of sleep deprivation and criminal harassment pre-criminal allegations. During criminal allegations the accused is assaulted with powerful radar over long and delayed criminal proceedings in attempts to add more overwhelming expenses to the already overwhelming cost of legal council representation, to justify intervention and incarceration during the criminal proceedings, and to induce different types of cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, bone cancer, and a favorite for men, prostate and testicular cancer.


    As previously mentioned in the fifth strategy the use of homelessness as a weapon in mobbing in modern society is linked to the Police, Criminal Judicial System, and the mob to make prosecution or conviction easier, and prevent lawsuits. The use of homelessness as weapon and poverty for repression and oppression is linked to the Charter and attempts to circumvent the Charter.

    The strategy that involves the use of participating defense lawyers, that can result in defamation lawsuits if the accused claims a defense lawyer participated in malicious allegations and a smear campaign, is linked to defendants representing themselves due to this threat. Their inexperience can make them vulnerable to Crown Prosecutors and civil lawsuits.


    Thermal imaging (FLIR thermal imaging device, Privacy , R. v. Tessling, 2004 SCC) and radioactive isotopes are used to circumvent the privacy of a home, in a similar way radiation technology or powerful radar assaults linked to deadly cancers, death, on a longer term than other deadly weapons are used to assault a citizen with a weapon in their own home to circumvent the right to security, the right to liberty linked to psychiatric intervention leading to incarceration, the right to a trial through non-criminal responsibility before trial, discourage access to the justice system and civil recourse aka lawsuits for malicious allegations, and on a long term the right to life.

    The twelfth strategy is linked to the first strategy, the use of non-criminal responsibility to circumvent the right to a fair trial, and the seventh strategy, the use of intervention leading to incarceration to circumvent the right to liberty.

    Radioactive isotopes in the brain of deceased people can be seen six feet underground from space, which can be linked to different targeting systems aimed at citizens using radiation and radar technology similar to programs aimed at missiles aka the Star-Wars program, and neighboring homes similar to thermal imaging.

    Radar assaults from neighboring homes during criminal proceedings are linked to intervention leading to incarceration and non-criminal responsibility assessment orders before before trial during criminal proceedings, which circumvents the right to a trial, sanctions the criminal allegations, and charter violations such as entering a home without a warrant and seizing private property without a warrant.

    Money, victims of radar assaults who suddenly begin to spend to  stay at hotels to avoid these or for protections measures against  these assaults, shielding and attenuation, adds a large expense to the  already large expense of judicial proceedings and legal representation. It can help bankrupt a victim and help prevent civil lawsuits.


    There has been a lot of talk about racial profiling but it has been rejected by most judicial system courts because of its link to discrimination.

    Similar to a strategy to create false profiles by the mob to help in future prosecutions that was previously mentioned, racial profiles and other types of profiles can be fabricated and created simply to justify different actions linked to abuse or circumventing the rights and freedoms of citizens.

    Imagine a racial profile that claims a specific ethnic is more likely to be involved in drug trafficking and a racial profile is used to justify a search without a warrant, circumventing the need for a warrant for a lawful search and seizure.


    Youth protection laws exist to protect the youths who commit crimes at an early age, the youths are convicted in youth courts and the files are sealed. Here is an example of how this law can be twisted to circumvent a youths rights linked to motive and intent, to make them suffer as adults.

    Imagine an accidental homicide caused by one minor, another minor is used to state that he is going to suffer at a later time, used in criminal harassment, this youths file is sealed, sealing and hiding the motive and intent for when the other youth is an adult and attacked through organized. The mob uses workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment in attempts to use homelessness as a weapon, to make this adult suffer.


    This one is very controversial, it involves the right to bear arms and the idea that a well armed population is its best defense against dictatorship. Here is an example of how this right can be circumvented to lead to different forms of dictatorships through organized crime.

    Organized crime uses workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment to use homelessness as a weapon and to circumvent the rights of citizens, which is linked to rage shootings and an interest in abusing citizens to cause rage shootings, which leads to advocating gun control and an unarmed or defenseless population.

    Dictatorships have news and "freedom of the press" too, this is not the deterrent and protection from dictatorships, a well armed population that can rise up and overthrow any dictatorship or abusive authorities is. Dictators and abusive authorities know and fear this, which would be linked to the incentive of wanting a defenseless population.


    HSS is an award winning technology that creates sound at specific locations and at great distances, it is used to sleep deprive a citizen over a long period of time and before important appearances. Sleep deprivation is linked to premature aging, leads to acid-base imbalance, and increases the risk of cancer. Focused ultrasound is also a technology that can be used to create lesions in the brain or heart, strokes and heart attacks. It is used for criminal harassment, threats, subjugation, and also used to provoke victims when they are under communication interception and surveillance by the police.

    Another type of weapon similar to radiation technology and radar assaults used to inflict physical damage on citizens in their own home, which circumvents the right to security and on a long term the right to life.

    "Elwood "Woody" Norris, founder and Chairman of American Technology Corporation (ATC), announced he had successfully created a device which achieved ultrasound transmission of sound in 1996.[5] ATC named and trademarked their device as "HyperSonic Sound" (HSS). In February 1998, HSS was named the Best of What's New for 1997 by readers of Popular Science.[6] In December 2002, Popular Science named HyperSonic Sound the best invention of 2002.[citation needed] Norris received the 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize for his invention of a "hypersonic sound".[7] ATC (now named LRAD Corporation) spun off the technology to Parametric Sound Corporation in September 2010 to focus on their Long Range Acoustic Device products (LRAD), according to their quarterly reports, press releases and executive statements.[8][9]"


    Criminal harassment networks, criminal harassment participants, mobbing participants, .. , use psychiatric profiles to induce fear in their victims linked to creating false profiles for easier convictions of future criminal allegations and mentioned in racial profiling strategy.

    Racial profiling is linked to discrimination and used to justify circumventing rights and freedoms, false profiles are used to induce fear and in smear campaigns, the right to security and liberty.

    The words by participants can be "profile", you are going to be "psycho-analyzed", we are going to "fill you up" aka fill up/create a profile.

    Scenario example, it can involve insinuations that the victim is pedophile leading to discussions of the these insinuation and criminal harassment with psychiatrists. Medical files are confidential, so how is this psychiatric profile going to be used in future convictions or smear campaigns? Through criminal allegations along with police demands for a psychological evaluations. Once this profile is created, filled up, mobbing participants or organized crime participants can plant child pornography on a computer, through criminal allegations the police can seize the computers, and make a demand for evaluation, which obtains the profile for easier conviction and smear campaign. This example involves the pedophilia weapon where threats of allegations induce fear and stick even when found innocent, create a vulnerability to crime and blackmail, generates instant hatred towards the defendant, and used in smear campaigns.


    Violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in criminal allegations and court proceedings can be addressed in court before trial, which can result in a Stay of Proceedings.


    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects Canadians from "oppressive laws", a stay of proceedings is given for violations, laws are modified or repealed, and attempts to circumvent the Charter are linked to oppression.


    In the U.S. these strategies would be like the Police and Prosecutors trying to circumvent the U.S. Amendments and Bill of Rights. "They guarantee a number of personal freedoms, limit the government's power in judicial and other proceedings, and reserve some powers to the states and the public."

    Why Write These Strategies?

    Why write these strategies or possibilities, so that measures can be taken to make sure that they can not be used.

    Awareness and prevention, protecting our Rights and Freedom, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, similar to the U.S. Amendments and Bill of Rights.



    Lower Court Judges and Circumventing a Fair Trial Through Non-Criminal Responsibility Scenario Example


    Release  Day Judge: released with "unlawful" non-criminal responsibility before  trial "from what I understand the non-criminal responsibility before  trial is to help you out" , insinuations that the defendant is guilty  and can escape being "guilty" through non-criminal responsibility. --  Another Lower Court Judge Day: "charter violations are presented at  trial but you won't need a trial if you are non-criminally responsible,  if you are already proven non-guilty why have a trial?" -- So in this  scenario example the lower court judges know that non-criminal  responsibility before trial is being used to circumvent a fair trial,  which results in sanctioned criminal allegations and charter violations  such as: entering a dwelling home without a warrant, seizing computers  without a warrant, analyzing the data on the computers from what is now a  sanctioned or legal seizure for other new criminal allegations, .. ,


    Intervention and Coercion (see SEVENTH STRATEGY)


    The  behavior resulting from powerful radar assaults from participating  neighbors is supposed to help with creating justification for police  intervention, shielding and attenuation measures or personal hygiene  that begins to suffer as a result of trying to avoid these for example,  which leads to incarceration and non-criminal responsibility assessments  before trial, or coercion towards choosing non-criminal responsibility  before trial or risk getting a deadly form of cancer for resisting, to  escape false allegations and serious charter violations.


    Example 1


    Assessment Orders Before Trial and "Unlawful"


    A  judge issues an order  after a demand by the prosecutor for an  assessment, an evaluation for  non-criminal responsibility before trial  without any supporting  evidence, which is unlawful according to judge  Pittfield R v. Muschke,  assessment orders for non-criminal  responsibility are supposed to be  made at the end of trial, interferes  with an accused's defense and is discrimination if they  are not,   Supreme Court of Canada R v. Swain, The  Canadian Charter of Rights and  Freedoms, requiring Appeals that are  expensive and linked to delays,  while attempts are made to force or  complete this assessment order  before it is Appealed, which circumvents  the Canadian Charter of Rights  and Freedoms.


    Example 2


    Threat of Being Framed To Accept Assessment Order


    Behavior   and corruption are used to intimidate and threaten the accused towards   accepting a plea of non-criminal responsibility due to mental illness   before trial. "they are going to frame you" "the assessment order for   non-criminal responsibility is to help you".


    Example 3

    "you cannot prove the police have copies"

    After  seizing computers without a warrant, keeping the computers for several  weeks, the computers are returned. An Application for Destruction of any  existing copies in any form be destroyed is rejected. The prosecutor  argument "the accused cannot prove the police have copies and to his  knowledge there are no copies".


    Example 4

    False Allegations, Communications Interception

    After  false allegations of uttering threats 264.1 (1)(a) to cause death or  serious bodily harm, insinuations the accused is dangerous,  communications interception can be requested under section 183, 184, of  the criminal code.

    Example 5

    False Allegations, Communications Interception, Threats

    The  use of false allegations, uttering threats s. 264 (1)(a) for example,  to obtain communication interception under section s. 183 for  surveillance and internet usage to threaten or eliminate a person's  welfare or disability income under false pretenses, the homelessness  weapon, in attempts to escape false allegations similar to the  assessment order before trial, while the accused attempts to defend  themselves from these allegations.


    Example 6

    Some examples linked to pressure from the mob or organized crime during criminal allegations that have been reported:

    a) workplace psychological harassment with different threats to the accused's means of subsistence.


    b) the use of sound technology, the 2005 award winning HSS Hypersonic  Sound, used for criminal harassment and threat's in the accused's own  home or for high levels of sleep deprivation, high levels of sleep  deprivation before court appearances.


    c) powerful radar assaults  from neighboring homes in the accused's own home linked to deadly  cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, bone cancer, testicular cancer,  and the increasing risk for these as the length in criminal proceedings  increases.


    Example 7

    The use of sound technology, the  2005 award winning HSS Hypersonic Sound, used for criminal harassment  and threat's in the accused's own home or for high levels of sleep  deprivation, high levels of sleep deprivation before court appearances.  The criminal harassment, threats, and provocation are interpreted as  being part of an investigation if the accused is also under  communications interception or surveillance. The angry response to these  threats and criminal harassment are interpreted as "the Police is  listening, investigation".


    Behavior Scenario Illustration Example, Motive Incarceration (8 a)) (2.a):


    After being released under conditions and an "unlawful" assessment  order for non-criminal responsibility before trial, I was assaulted by  powerful radar. The Police tried to intervene several times claiming the  behavior linked to shielding and attenuation attempts, "microwaves?",  was not normal, which would result in my incarceration at the prison  psychiatric institute. -- I was later found "guilty" without a trial  through "non-criminal responsibility", which sanctioned the false  allegations, searching my home without a warrant, seizing personal  computers and information without a warrant, communication interception  and surveillance, ..


    Run Away Scenario Illustration Example (2.b):


    During the long and delayed criminal proceedings I was assaulted daily  with powerful radar assaults along with criminal harassment participants  that claimed "you have to run". Fearing that I'd get leukemia, lung  cancer, or testicular cancer I ran away only to be recaptured and  incarcerated for violating the conditions for my release and a  psychological evaluation.


    Personal Hygiene Scenario Illustration Examples (2.c):


    1. When I try to prepare food or wash dishes in the kitchen, powerful  radar streams come from the large window that faces a neighbors home  side wall, the legs, testicles, and lungs. -- 2. When I go down stairs  to wash the dishes, powerful radar comes from the other side, the other  home, towards my back and colon area. -- 3. When I try to take a bath,  again I'm assaulted with powerful radar. -- Personal hygiene is used as a  justification to intervene during these long and delayed criminal  proceedings, which results in incarceration at the prison psychiatric  institution.


    Seemed Unstable Scenario Illustration Example (2.d):


    During the long and delayed criminal proceedings where I had to appeal  "unlawful" orders requiring expensive transcripts and legal services,  showing up in court early in the morning only to see all the other  lawyers being streamlined before me and my case always being set back to  the afternoon, subjected to obvious wrong doing such as motions and  appeals that "ceased to exist" resulting in an automatic loss and wasted  day combined with staff hypocrisy in what seemed to be attempts to  anger me, .. , being isolated and alone I started talking to myself in  disbelief and about what I thought was serious abuse, which resulted in  the staff and guards calling for psychiatric intervention "he seemed  deranged".  -- Note that this is a general example of using abuse and  frustration to destabilize a person (see Marie-France Hirigoyen) or use  their resulting anger against them or for justification to request  intervention, an example for 2.d) is still required.


    Abuse,  Discrimination, Intervention Scenario Illustration Example,  Motive    Incarceration and Non-Criminal Responsibility Before Trial


    One   of my neighbors called me on the day of the arrest telling me the     police where outside, which resulted in me looking outside, which     resulted in them seeing me in the house, which can then result in     justification to break into a house with force from what I  understand.    -- On the day in court the Police made a demand that I  remain    incarcerated for a psychological evaluation, it was denied and  I was    released on conditions and with an "unlawful" assessment order  before    trial for non-criminal responsibility. -- I believe this  neighbor's    "concern for me" along with calls for "suspicious  vehicles" were used   in  the several appearances of the Police and  their "concern" or  wanting  to  intervene due to the behavior of  protection measures from  powerful   radar assaults from neighboring  homes, which results in  incarceration   and a psychological evaluation,  the same incarceration  and  psychological  evaluation that was  refused, denied, or that they  did not  get through  their demand for  incarceration and a  psychological  evaluation following  the arrest


    A disability is a vulnerability that can be exploited by the Police,   Crown Prosecutors, mob, organized crime, criminal harassment   participants and networks etc. The seventh strategy circumvents the   Charter by exploiting a disability, a vulnerability, and discrimination.

    This strategy is similar and linked to the first one that can  consists of attempts to incarcerate citizens for psychological  evaluation and during the long criminal proceedings, resulting in great  legal representation costs, to bankrupt the accused, assessment orders  that are unlawful without any supporting evidence for non-criminal  responsibility due to mental illness before trial when released on  conditions. The mobs use of powerful radar assaults that lead to  increased expenses as victims of these try to avoid these assaults or  purchase expensive shielding materials, metal or lead, threats of  intervention linked to attempts to avoid these, running away, or  shielding efforts, which lead to incarceration for evaluation, being  incarcerated during the long criminal proceedings along with the high  cost of legal representation, and the increased risk of being framed  through participants, participating defense lawyers or psychiatrists,  the claim that you are not guilty due to mental illness of having  committed the crime, when the accused has not committed the crime but  would sanction wrong doing such as false allegations and search/seizures  without warrants,  linked to the assessment order for non-criminal  responsibility before trial, which according to the Supreme Court of  Canada is supposed to be made at the end of trial as to not interfere  with the defense, and discrimination.

    Example 8


    a) Following a demand that the accused remain  incarcerated for psychological evaluation that fails and a conditional  release with a demand for an assessment order for non-criminal  responsibility that succeeds, the accused is assaulted by powerful radar  leading to strange behavior, deteriorating personal hygiene as they try  to avoid these and attempts to shield themselves from these through the  use of dense materials, the police try to intervene, which leads to  incarceration during the proceedings and the "unlawful" assessment order  before trial.


    b) Private Information, if the police are after  private information and involved in wrong doing, the search and seizure  of private computers without a warrant, incarceration for psychological  evaluation and intervention leading to incarceration combined with the  unlawful assessment order before trial leads to obtaining more private  information, private medical information.


    c) Time, Orders that  are unlawful can be Appealed, Appeals increase legal costs, and even  more expensive when incarcerated combined with another important factor,  pressure to complete the unlawful assessment order or risk  incarceration, non-criminal responsibility that sanctions the  allegations, wrong doing, and to obtain the private medical information  before it can be Appealed.


    d) Smear Campaign scenario or strategy:
    - no criminal record;
    - a disability, mental illness;
    - in 2005 uttered threats towards grandmothers and old ladies; non-criminally responsible
    - in 2006 uttered threats towards two girls on the sidewalk; non-criminally responsible
    - in 2007 uttered threats towards little baby girls; non-criminally responsible
    - in 2008 uttered threats towards .. women;  non-criminally responsible


    "It says you have no criminal record or history of violence, and you  claim you didn't get trials for these allegations, this is not my  problem today, you should have addressed this at those times. What I  have in front of me Mr -- is something that leads me to believe that you  are a threat to society and a very dangerous person .. I wish to  incarcerate you for the next hundred years etc."


    Example 9


    Intervention and Vulnerability, during the release with an assessment  order for non-criminally responsible the Police use the threat of  intervention linked to the behavior, incarceration, high cost of legal  representation, being vulnerable to participating defense lawyers and  psychiatrists, being framed, and the assessment order for non-criminal  responsibility. Criminal harassment network participant use the threat  of intervention linked to behavior, the protection measures from their  powerful radar assaults, which are linked to deadly cancers, leukemia,  lung cancer, etc.


    Example 10


    Disability, mental illness,  is used as a justification to demand the accused remain incarcerated  for evaluation, justification to demand surveillance etc.


    The seventh strategy circumvents the Charter by exploiting a disability, a vulnerability, and discrimination.


    Example 11


    Following a demand by the Police that the accused remain incarcerated  for an evaluation the participating defense lawyer tells the accused  that he has no choice but to remain incarcerated where he would be  vulnerable to participating defense lawyers, the high cost of legal  council, and participating psychiatrists.

    Example 12

    In  certain cases in the criminal code some demands can only be made by a  defense lawyer but may be in the interest of the Police and Crown  prosecutors. A participating defense lawyer can help in attempts to  circumvent the criminal code restrictions.

    Example 13


    Participating psychiatrists are linked to private medical information  that is given to the Crown prosecutor and Police, the possibility of  fabricating psychological profiles to help the police and prosecutors in  prosecutions, and assessments orders for non-criminal responsibility  before trial that would sanction false allegations, incarceration,  police wrong doing, search and seizures without warrants, and prevent  lawsuits.

    Smear campaigns often involve the use of the pedophilia  weapon where the allegations immediately result in intense hatred and a  label that sticks but can also involve other allegations such as "women  hater".

    Example 14

    One strategy used by criminal harassment  networks and participants is to use insinuation of pedophilia to put  victims on the defensive and the threat of being labeled a pedophile to  induce fear. One routine is to claim that they are going to "file up" a  victim through a false "profile" and "psycho-analysis", the insinuations  and discussions with a psychiatrist. For any victims of this type of  criminal harassment strategy and threat, "going to fill you up, profile,  psycho-analyzed", who wondered how this threat worked or how private  medical information would be able to fall into the hands of prosecutors  in the first place, the mechanism used, criminal allegations followed by  a demand for assessment that transfers the private medical information  to participating psychiatrists is the mechanism used in possible  attempts to create false psychological profiles by criminal harassment  participants, "profile" "going to fill you up" "psycho-analyzed" etc.

    This strategy circumvents the Canadian Charter for a right to a Fair Trial, Security of the Person, Privacy, and Liberty.


    Here are some examples of criminal harassment directly linked to the criminal proceedings:

    Example 15

    Criminal  allegations can result from victims of criminal harassment participants  or networks using threats to induce fear, resulting in victims uttering  threats in return, resulting in criminal allegations of uttering  threats, and uttering threats can be used for communications  interception and surveillance. The accused is criminally harassed in his  own home through sound technology, the 2005 award winning HSS  Hypersonic Sound, and this criminal harassment, threats and provocation,  the angry response to threats and provocation is interpreted as part of  an investigation by the criminal harassment participants "the police  are listening".


    Example 16

    The accused is highly sleep  deprived before court appearances, at the court house criminal  harassment participants attempt to induce as much stress and adrenaline  as possible before the accused presents himself and his case before a  court judge. Due to the high levels of stress and adrenaline the accused  has more difficulty communicating and presenting his case.

    The  Criminal Harassment and these criminal harassment examples circumvent  the Canadian Charter by interfering with a Fair Trial, the Security of  the Person, and Liberty.


    Example 17

    Criminal  harassment participants use the 2005 award winning sound technology, HSS  Hypersonic Sound, for criminal harassment and high levels of sleep  deprivation combined with criminal harassment at local public places,  see the routine example.

    A routine example is that I would go to a  grocery store when highly sleep deprived through sound technology  (HSS), criminal harassment participants would mix in with other shoppers  and use different forms of threats and provocation to induce stress and  adrenaline, try to stand directly behind me at the cash register, and  interpret the adrenaline and voice fluctuations as fear, which is linked  to fear and honor, and attempts at repetitive humiliation.

    Example 18

    This  example involves a series of steps 1. powerful radar assaults begin 2.  criminal allegations that trap the accused 3. insinuation that the  accused is dangerous and needs to remain incarcerated 4. after release  the behavior linked being assaulted by powerful radar is used to justify  intervention in attempts to incarcerate the accused 5. if incarcerated  the accused is vulnerable to participating defense lawyers and  psychiatrists used by the mob 6. if the accused is not incarcerated the  mob continues in it's attempts to induce high levels of damage and  cancers 7. bitterness and anger at the police and mob 8. incarceration  and cancer 9. death through cancer 10. hidden homicides through the  medical system

    A "cooking" process before incarceration, to make a  person suffer through cancer, and to prevent release or exposure at a  later time.

    Example 19

    Rage shootings, imagine this  scenario, the mob begins assaulting a citizen with powerful radar, the  police file criminal allegations that he uttered threats, that "he's  dangerous", due to the powerful radar assaults and high levels of sleep  deprivation his daily functions are interfered with and he loses his  job, his means of subsistence, and after several months of high levels  of sleep deprivation and repetitive powerful radar assaults he gets  seriously sick .. rampages and rage shootings are interpreted as a  "deranged person" without any more information to the public.

    SECTION 12.  Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

    The  powerful radar assaults attempt to circumvent the Canadian Charter  through attempts to overwhelm the finances of an accused who has a right  to legal council, which are already overwhelming costs linked to a Fair  Trial. Incarceration through the use of organized crime, strategy,  intervention, false pretenses, the right to Liberty. The right not to be  subjected to any Cruel and Unusual Treatment or Punishment, cancer and  hidden homicides through the medical system.

    Example 20

    Disability,  here is a strategy example that involves other previously mentioned  examples to attack welfare recipients with a disability and people with a  disability income. The police file criminal allegations or fabricate  criminal allegations, the accused is overwhelmed by the cost of legal  representation and threatened by participating defense lawyers, a smear  campaign, his attempts to defend himself are said to be "work", "you are  working", a threat to their disability income, their means of  subsistence, and linked to a pattern that involves the police and mob,  attacking and eliminating the means of subsistence of citizens to make  conviction easier and to prevent lawsuits or exposure, the homelessness  weapon.

    Example 21

    Premature aging, "accelerated  decrepitude", is linked to inflicting damage to the body while using  high levels of sleep deprivation. The body is damaged but does not heal  or recover the way it should with regular sleep resulting in premature  aging. The mob's "we want him ugly" is linked to the use of premature  aging and smear campaigns. The mob is currently using sound technology  for high levels of sleep deprivation combined with stressful and  physically demanding work or criminal harassment for premature aging.  This can be followed by the smear campaign examples given where false  allegations are filed of uttering threats, insinuations the accused is  dangerous, powerful radar assaults "you have to run", detained or  intervention, leading to incarceration, participating defense lawyers  and psychiatrists etc.

    Note that powerful radar assaults over long  and delayed criminal proceedings are also linked to inflicting physical  damage, premature aging, and possible deadly cancers.

    Example 22

    Castration,  "need to castrate that bull", the bull refers to someone that protects  the "cows" by mobbing participants and the "cows" being citizens. The  castration can involve attempts to induce fear, fear linked to honor,  and attempts to "castrate" men through fear and humiliation. The  castration can also be physical, where powerful radar streams are aimed  at the testicles or at the colon, prostate, and testicles area at night  during sleep or during the day, leading to testicular damage,  infertility, and testicular cancer.



    Following false allegations and charter violation such  as entering a home without a warrant and seizing private computers,  personal information, citizens are released with assessment orders for  non-criminal responsibility before trial. The resulting behavior from  radar assaults such as claims of radar assaults, shielding and  protection measures, personal hygiene and household that begins to  suffer as they try to avoid these, anger and frustration, etc, are all  used to justify police and psychiatric intervention leading to  incarceration and the assessment order for non-criminal responsibility  before trial. Non-criminal responsibility before trial sanctions the  criminal allegations and charter violations, entering a home without a  warrant, and seizing personal computers, personal information aka the  right to privacy. A trial and presentation of charter violations that  would stay the proceedings are not needed, the defendant is not guilty  of having committed the crime due to mental illness.

    Homelessness Example

    "every time I step into the house I'm assaulted by powerful radar from neighboring homes" .. "you stay outside" aka homeless.

    Smear Campaign Steps or Pattern Example

    1. radar assaults
    2. criminal allegations (uttering threats)
    3. insinuations that accused is dangerous
    4. communications interception and surveillance (uttering threats s.183)
    5.  non-criminal responsibility before trial; "plead non-criminal  responsible before trial, it is the same as not guilty" "you have to  turn" "you have to run" run away or get cancer, threats of intervention,  incarceration,, circumventing the right to a fair trial,, cancer,  homelessness.
    6. preventing lawsuits

    Repression Through Cancer Example

    After  several months of long and delayed criminal proceedings during which a  citizen was assaulted with powerful radar from neighboring homes in  attempts to make him aggressive or use a participating neighbor to claim  he had uttered threats, the citizen developed a serious illness,  cancer.


    The Twelfth Strategy Illustration Example


    After  criminal allegations of uttering threats from criminal harassment  participants, the police used this criminal charge to insinuate that I  was dangerous and request communications interception and surveillance.  Neighbors began to assault me with powerful radar, which resulted in me  really uttering threats towards one of them, which is when the police  came out of their stakeout, the surveillance, to file a second criminal  allegation, which resulted in my incarceration for several months  waiting for trial leading to a convictions on both counts of uttering  threats.


    Motive and Intent: powerful radar to assault a citizen  in their own home to push them out of their home, the homelessness  weapon; the behavior of victims of powerful radar assault is used to  justify intervention, to take control or interfere with an accused's  defense, which is linked to unlawful assessment orders before trial;   pleading non-criminal responsible would shorten the length of time being  assaulted by powerful radar and result in no trial, which would also  sanction the false allegations and other Charter violations; money,  which is often linked to murder and homicides, victims of malicious  allegations and prosecutions may not sue or will not be able to complete  their lawsuit due to serious illness, cancer and death; assassination.


    Assassination, the death of political opponents, human rights defenders  who document workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment,  the use of technology like powerful radar assaults, corporate CEOs of  corporations the mob would like to control such as Apple and YouTube for  example etc. Different powerful microwave assaults have different  effects on the lungs, irritation and damage of the lungs, which is  linked and hidden through lung cancer. Others, powerful radar and  microwaves damage red blood cells and the bone linked to bone cancer and  leukemia, the bone marrow. The police all know these ones, brain and testicular cancer. Powerful radar streams can be aimed at the colon,  prostate, and testicular area and can also be aimed at the prostate area  to irritate the prostate.


    The use of powerful radar assaults  has been mentioned several times. Its linked to premature aging and to  deadly cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, and bone cancer. A  different form of assassination attempt on a longer term homicide  through cancer instead of an immediate short term homicide. It's use is  linked to ridicule and denial. To create a vulnerability through serious  illness similar to using homeless to create a vulnerability. Serious  illness and cancer once incarcerated to make a person suffer, the use of  cancer to make a people suffer similar to using homelessness to make a  person suffer. The mob's claim of cleaning the police through  homelessness and cancer. It is used in smear campaign strategies that  deal with incarceration for run aways' or through intervention to make  the defendant vulnerable to expensive legal costs and participating  defense lawyers and psychiatrists. Powerful radar assaults to discourage  and prevent lawsuits that involve  malicious allegations and  prosecutions. Long and delayed criminal  proceedings while the accused  is assaulted with powerful radar. It is used to interfere with the daily  functions of a defendant and their attempts to defend themselves. These  are all linked to the Charter and attempts to circumvent the Charter.


    Example 23

    The  uses sound technology to sleep deprive a citizen over several years as  they struggle in their daily functions, work that involves physical  activity or workplace psychological harassment to induce high levels of  stress on the body, or criminal harassment, without proper recovery. The  mob recruits, turns, or moves in participants in the neighborhood to  prepare for the criminal allegations that will involve participants and  the accused citizen of uttering threats combined with powerful radar  assaults over long and delayed criminal proceedings, the radar assaults  begin, the threats are uttered, the criminal allegations are filed,  insinuations that the accused is dangerous or "deranged", long and  delayed criminal proceedings, the accused loses his job, he runs away to  avoid a deadly illness, cancer, or the police try to intervene due to  the behavior resulting from powerful radar assaults, complaints from  neighbors, suspicious vehicles, incarcerated for evaluation, vulnerable  to participating defense lawyers and psychiatrists, assessment for  non-criminal responsibility before trial .. etc. ..rage shootings, gun  control, defenseless population, more abuse?

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