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    Posted January 21, 2012 by
    Wroclaw, Poland
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    Anonymous attacks polish government sites


    On the 21 of January 2012 around 7 p.m( GMT+1), Anonymous, one of world’s most famous hacker networks , blocked access to almost all polish government websites.
    Around 10 p.m( GMT+1). Anynomous continued to block sites like:


    mf.gov.pl, stat.gov.pl, ets.gov.pl, praca.gov.pl,mkidn.gov.pl, pip.gov.pl, mzios.gov.pl, arimr.gov.pl, uzp.gov.pl, premier.gov.pl, knf.gov.pl

    - as like the site of the polish president, premier and finally the culture ministry. After 10 p.m( GMT+1) all above mentioned sites within the presidents and premiers sites were blocked by Anonymous in response to the ACTA pact that ambassador of Poland, Jadwiga Rodowicz ,  will sign on January 26 in Tokyo, Japan.

    While blocking polish governmental websites Anynymous continued to inform the world about its next movements on Twitter. Anonymous claims to be an organization fighting for the ideology of saving people’s privacy in the world wide web.


                                                  What is actually the ACTA pact?

    The “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ( ACTA) is an plurilateral international pact defining how to act against Intellectual Property infringements and internet piracy. Work on it lasted from October 2007, causing much controversy not only among the online community but also among interested parties itself.The first countries to create a plurilateral agreement were Japan and the United States of America in 2006.

    ACTA will define how network operators should behave and how they should act against internet piracy. Finding out that someone is streaming a large amount of Gigabytes in the Internet, network perators would be obligated to denounce any suspicious behavor. That means operators would have to set up expensive tracking systems in order to be able to track everyone who could/would be be a potential pirate.

    That actually means that a part of a video/movie used for advertising a movie/actor/singer could be used as an evidence to denounce a subject because of infringements and block the criminal's internet website.


    ACTA was already signed( 1 October 2011 in Tokyo) by the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand and Singapore. The European Union jas not  signed the treaty, yet. The last call is 31/03/2013.


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