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    Posted January 23, 2012 by
    Glastonbury, Connecticut

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    Where's the love? Time for fat cats to pay it forward...


    The only reason CEOs rake in such astronomical paychecks is because they are allowed to do so. As a country, we have granted them this grossly inflated sense of entitlement. Shame on us. In our defense, with our government endorsing this behavior and doing absolutely nothing to change our course, why would any American citizen believe anyone would listen to reason? I laugh at the GOP nominees since this sad lot should be the first in line asking for our forgiveness. We just continue to ride this bus even though we're headed for a cliff, with a zero rate of survival. We foam at the mouth with every empty promise we fall for hook, line and sinker, then repent in leisure as we watch our appointed leader destroy us and our children's future. They sell us a false sense of security and we buy into it without oversight.


    CEO pay is approved by their respective Board of Directors, Advisory Boards, Finance Committees and anyone else on the 'team' (oxymoron) responsible for implementing such decisions. However, if the company is public, every shareholder has the right to oppose. Sadly, the majority rarely pays attention to the materials made available to them and, going one step further, conveniently mailed to them for their review and acceptance or disapproval.


    Our government must put ceilings on excessive compensation and gain perspective. Our leaders must stand behind the majority at every level. Piggish payouts need to be replaced with an equitable distribution and/or allocation of profits in order for our country to find their footing on solid ground. Likely, at the rate we're going, my generation and those left in our wake will be pushing up daisies by the time this happens unless we miraculously find a diamond in the rough to sit at the helm.

    As Americans, we are our own worst enemy. We overspend, overeat, over indulge our children and barely scratch the surface in maintaining and following a core value system. We struggle to exist as we accept being under utilized, under funded and under developed.  We waste precious time scrutinizing the reality of fat cat bad behavior and spend endless media time on insignificant issues I and the rest of this country could care less about, such as who sleeps with who.  Let's face it, infidelity runs rampant in D.C and everywhere else.  If we only spent as much time zoning in on a candidate's knowledge of foreign policy, versus where he or she spends their private time, we might unearth a worthy topic for discussion.

    Let us redirect our focus on what we all have done wrong to cause such a massive derailment and move forward proactively to correct our mistakes. I plead to every single millionaire in this country to sit back, think about the huge desparity that exists between executive and staff and do something about it. It's time for CEOs to pay it forward (like Warren Buffet and many others who do more than their part and walk the talk), to contribute a greater percentage of their income toward creating a productive country, offering decent employment opportunities to our people. Trust me, you won't starve.  Stop the streamlining, furlough days without pay, laying off your best intelligence and outsourcing while overworking the few left behind to clean up their restructuring mess. Stop taking our job security, health benefits, retirement plans and opportunities for growth away from us.

    With the help of CEOs willing to take the challenge, we would rid ourselves of our enormous debt and finally reinvigorate the American dream. It's all about making good choices as human beings. Let us take care of OUR own first, feed OUR homeless, employ OUR citizens, protect OUR people, arm and educate OUR military and balance OUR scales. Believe it or not, we all didn't just fall off the turnip truck. We know the air at the top is thin, the CEO is the figurehead made to look good by the workerbees burning the midnight oil.


    Where's the love? Where's the payback? Where is the positive result from all those empty promises? Our ship is sinking. If our nation's CEO's are so invaluable, I challenge them to show us just how smart they are by rolling up their sleeves and fixing the mess they wallow in day after day. I also ask Presidential hopefuls to realize we do our homework, don't care how wealthy you are and simply want a leader who can be effective and keep OUR best interests at heart. Most of all, we don't need a liar at the helm or someone who fails to approach his candidacy openly and honestly.

    We shouldn't have to ask for financial records, nor beg any candidate to finally succumb to OUR right to know the details behind the man or woman who needs OUR vote to exist. Isn't the goverment supposed to work for US? I don't know about anyone else, but if I had 1/100th of the disposable income enjoyed by the elite, my creativity and generosity would soar. Perhaps I like to sleep at night. I have a conscience.

    To all our CEO's, I appeal to you. Do something we can all be proud of or respect our nation's families enough to move aside and let someone with a workable plan and a compassionate heart do what you are clearly incapable of doing. We so desperately need someone who can run an organization, support young minds to foster research, development and engineering. Stop casting aside our seasoned employees who have single-handedly made you who you are today. Improve marketing and manufacturing initiatives to create products and services which don't get bogged down by corporate red tape, protocol and classic counter-productive over analyzing. Stop the endless meetings and get out of the boardroom and into our homes. Show us that you care as much about us as you do your own family.


    I challenge everyone with an income over $500k to consider donating a respectable percentage of your annual income, to pay it forward and help our country resurrect a healthy economy through your ability to create business opportunities and expand current industries desperately seeking a labor force to help them stay afloat.  Our country's longevity in business is shrinking by the moment. If you have the ability to command the big bucks, you have the power to help feed the country that feeds you.

    Tithing is universal. It's time to unify. You will be pleasantly surprised at the enormous sense of reward you will take with you when your time is up and likely reclaim your self-respect in the process. We all need to make our time count. Even a little help, by offering a gracious hand, goes a long way. Let us make OUR time here memorable for the right reasons.

    Lisa Masse Bremmer

    CNN iReporter

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