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    Who's Noriyo Ohara?

    Japanese national Noriyo Ohara is at present between heaven and hell. She has nowhere to go and the only hope to keep her going is to set her free from warring forces in the Philippine government that both claim she’s an alien.
    On November 23 last year, Ohara wrote President Benigno Aquino III about her ordeal in the hands of some Filipinos in the Philippines.
    This following is Ohara’s unedited letter to President Aquino:
    My name is Noriyo Ohara. I’m 32 years old. I was born 12.11, 78. In 4-1 Nishiazabu, Minatoku, Japan. When I was 23 years old, my mother died of ovary cancel. My father have own company. The name is Diana Co. I have a step mother. But she hate me. So I didn’t take a contact to my father for so long time. Suddenly she call me, your father stay in the hospital. She saw him, his neck was injured. Someone try to kill him. 7, 12, 2007 my father died. After that I received many documents for paying taxes.
    My step mother took his money. Then she run away somewhere. So I couldn’t contact to her. I was so affraid that I don’t know what to do. I have a small business flower shop.
    After my mother died, I got her money.
    I have a friend. His name’s SUZUKI. His work’s car dealer. I told him about my situation. He said me He can help me. He said I have many Phillipino friends. He said if you go there, you’ll be safe. Before I left Japan, I gave 15,000,000 yen to him for buy house stay in Philippines.
    5, 2009 I went to Guam alone. Then 6, 3, 2009 I came here. Suzuki said to me. My friend ‘ll wait for you. When i arrived at Manila airport, someone waving my name card. I went to him. The man said follow me. We used other gate.
    I just wondering. Why they didn’t stamp my passport. I met Rosemarie Ogawa or Rosemarie Marzan at the Airport. She’s waiting the car, she ask me. Where’s your passport? She get my passport. She gave me other passport. Name was Marefe Laganas.
    She bring me to from Airport to Laspinas. She said that’s your house. Address is Blk 17 Lot 19 cor Amber Agate St Royal States Laspinas.
    6, 2009 I ask to Rosemarie. I wanna buy a car. She didn’t stay here. Because she has work in Japan. So, I can use her nest to buy a car written to her name. My honda city is written under Maria Krestina Vinluan name. The plate number is NOO 506. 4, 2010 Suddenly Rosemarie barrow money for me. 2,000,000 yen.
    9, 2010 I decide buy new car BMW. It’s also under Rosemarie Marzan name. The plate No. is YMS 07 11, 2010 My house entered theif. They took my money inside the safety box.
    12, 4, 2010 Rosemarie payback me 400,000 yen.
    12, 2010 Jackylyn Suzuki barrow money for me. 200,000 yen.
    2, 2011 My house entered theif again.
    3, 2011 the BMW had carnapped. Someone took the key.
    4, 2011 My life become missirable, Rosemarie Marzan said to me, you need to hide. Because somebody looking for me. They bring to Pangasinan to hide. Also here in laspinas. So, I started thinking why am I need to hide. They told me. I’m safe in here.
    I’m stay in here Philippines almost 2 years 5 months.
    My life getting getting worst with family of Rosemarie Marzan. I ask to them. I want to live alone. All of them said somebody wants to catch me.
    So most of the time I’m hidding in Pangasinan.
    When I went back to Manila 8, 8, 2011 I wrote the letter to NBI director Gatdula to help me out of this problem. Then they came to rescue me on 10, 29, 2011 8:30 am. They don’t forced me to go with them. Because I ask help for them.
    They don’t even kidnapped me, because I just want to have a good life and live by my self. And get all my property that I don’t know how to get it. Because it’s written under Krestina Vinluan and Rosemarie Marzan all my property.
    When I arrived here in NBI, I asked them to help me. And stay as long my problem.
    It’s not yet done.
    Because I don’t want to go back Japan.
    Because I’m affraid of what’s happen to my father. It will happen to me. Please help me Mr. President. I don’t wanna go back to Japan. Because I
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