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    Posted January 29, 2012 by
    Washington, District of Columbia
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    Occupy Wall Street

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    Occupy DC protests The Alfalfa club


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     armandog8 took these photos of Occupy DC protesters on the evening of Saturday, January 28, in the vicinity of the Capitol Hill Hilton Hotel where the Alfalfa Club held its yearly banquet. CNN's Senior Photojournalist Peter Morris reported: 'The Alfalfa Club, one of Washington’s more unusual social organizations, exists only for the purpose of holding a satire-filled dinner every January. The club consists of approximately 200 members, including past presidents - and possibly future ones.'

    armandog8, who covered the protest as a freelance photojournalist, says: 'For someone who has been covering the Occupy DC camp for a while, I was surprised nobody got arrested. I believe the occupiers and police are saving their energies for Monday, when they won't be allowed to sleep at the park or camp.'
    - elchueco, CNN iReport producer

    At 6pm a group from the Occupy DC camp decided to head to the Capitol Hill Hilton Hotel to protest the Alfalfa Club(*) and its members. By then the surrounding area has been heavily blocked by the police, in all directions, and the protesters had no other choice but to wait for members from the Alfalfa club to enter the premises using one of the intersections they were blocking.


    At approximately 7pm, Senator Joe Lieberman(I) headed to the Hilton, by foot. As he passed the protesters a heavy cloud of glitter descended upon him and his security; he has just been 'glitter-bombed'.(Photograph #1)


    As the evening turned to night the protesters decided to start a block party, with the help of a set of speakers and a laptop. 'Bulls of Parade' by Rage Against the Machine, 'F#@$ the Police' by N.W.A, '(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!) by the Beastie Boys were some of the songs played by the impromptu DJ. As the crowd started dancing 2 women took off their tops which eventually led to over 20 individuals following the same example, men and women who, with the help of a sharpie pen, wrote on their chests slogans concerning their cause. Surprisingly neither the secret service nor the MPD, both at the scene, arrested any of the individuals for indecent exposure.


    By 10pm the protesters decided to head northeast looking for a way that would lead them closer to the hotel. As they approached 16th st nw and M st. officers started moving to reinforce the barrier. At this point the protesters gather into a circle and decided they would run towards the barrier. Expecting for the police to be more kind with women, they all agree that women would go first-most of them half naked. As the women charge against the barrier, police tackle all of them and pushed them to the ground. The protesters attempted to cross the police barrier at least 2 more times without any luck. By this point the police had used horses, in an attempt to push away the protesters. In a maneuver done to separate the crowd, police pushed their horses against the protesters, who at this point weren't attempting to cross any barriers, and trampled them against cars who were parked on the side of the road. At this point, several protesters started yelling that they were going to be filling a complaint with the department regarding the treatment they had just received; a few protesters also complained of some of the horses stepping on their feet.


    By 11pm the protesters were back at their original destination: the enter/exit intersection from where some of The Alfalfa club members were making their way into the Hilton. As some of the guests started to exit protesters blocked their way or simply shouted at them. Police quickly came to the rescue of the guests, who were obviously distressed and, at times, scared of the protesters. This lead to more confrontations as police pushed protesters away from the guests' ways.


    According to MPD no arrests were made last night.


    *Alfalfa club: An exclusive annual black-tie get-together of some of the capital’s movers and shakers.


    **All material has been checked to fulfill the community guidelines, because of this some photograph have been blurred.

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