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    Fat pets

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    Jeni The Fox Hound


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Ryn says she wasn't able to give Jeni the exercise the dog needed, and within just a year, Jeni had put on about 60 pounds. She realized the dog was too heavy for her to handle when she took Jeni for a walk one day and Jeni took off after another dog, pulling her to the ground and breaking her hand and wrist.
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    iReport Assignment:

    Have you ever put your pet on a diet? Do you need to?


    Jeni is a Fox Hound, white with brown and black spots, one blue eye and one brown eye.. She came to live with us after serving as a breeding hound for several years. Originally born as a hunting dog, the young Fox Hound preferred chasing butterflies or running away from her handlers. It was decided she would serve a as brood bitch..Once the dog could not physically have any more litters her owners took her to the pound. There she received reconstructive surgery and a spay to prevent any more puppies. She was put up for adoption and found her way to our home. At the time she was a little under weight. Two meals a day and not a lot of exercise she started to pack on the pounds. Jeni was around 68 pounds when I got her but quickly became a 130 pound "Big Girl." Strong as an ox. While walking her one afternoon she decided to take me for a run, after spotting another dog. The leash became twisted around my hand and wrist.She she pulled me to the ground, dragging me down the side walk. Some how I managed to gain control of her. I don't know how because she had broken my hand and my wrist. I got her back to the house and decided something needed to be done. My son and daughter in-law were in love with her and were concerned about her gaining so much weight. They had often asked to take Jeni home with them and work with her to get the weight down. I reluctantly called them and told them it would probably be best. They traveled from Virginia to Tennessee to take her .
    First they cut her food to one and three/fourths cup in the morning and one cup and three/ fourths at night, feeding her a grain free diet. They also started walking her several times a day. As she built up her stamina they ran with her. Jeni also had three other good size dogs to romp and play with.
    Today she is a sleek, beautiful Fox Hound. She adores my son and daughter in-law and they adore her. Jeni is healthy and happy. I miss her still ...but I do get to see her often. She knows me well, but now I am her Grandma. I appreciate the wonderful care and love she has been given.

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