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    Posted February 1, 2012 by
    Aurora, Colorado

    Help Free an Innocent man


    o Whom It May Concern:


    My name is Audrey Fierro I have been involved in a situation where a wrongly convicted man has been incarcerated for the last decade. He has been sentenced to 145 years. I have been assisting his children in trying to obtain his freedom. Mr Farrar’s children were removed from their home after his stepdaughter accused him of sexual assault. Then as now they always believed in his innocence, they always managed to stay in contact with one and other. Now as adults they visit their father and try to lend support and are always seeking ways to get attention for their father’s release.
    Sex assaults are prevalent in our society today but at the same time it has become a recurring phenomenon that many people have been exonerated after being falsely accused and incarcerated for decades on charges like this. DNA evidence has been instrumental in showing how roughly 300 people so far have been released from prison for these types of crimes that they never committed, proven by Barry Scheck’s Innocent Project out of New York.
    Courts today as it appears refuse to release people who are charged with such offenses without scientific proof (DNA) So what happens when there can be no such proof as there never was a crime, what is the next best evidence? How about the alleged victim coming forward to set the record straight, telling the truth, recanting everything? THINK AGAIN.
    Sacha the alleged victim came forward a year and 26 days after Mr. Farrar’s conviction, in her sworn affidavit she claimed she tried telling the prosecutor’s prior to the trial that she lied and made everything up but she was hit with threats and intimidation.
    The prosecution and defense both concede that this case came down to nothing but credibility (who do you believe more) and the judge ruled in his finding that Sacha has “significant credibility issues” and is no more believable here then was at trial, so how is this man still incarcerated if this case is based on credibility and the judge rules the alleged victim has “significant credibility issues”.
    I am including a link to the article done on Mr. Farrar by a local investigative Journalist so you can get a take on how this story unfolded and the twists of this case and more importantly how Sacha the alleged victim and the rest of the family stand in support of their father. The on line comments made on this story is 96% were in favor of Mr. Farrar and his freedom.
    Mr. Farrar has passed a polygraph and other testing done by a couple of Doctors, he also has a highly respected Psychologist advocating on his behalf after significant clinical hours. We have a lot of legal documents on this case.
    I read in the newspaper and as well as watching the news on TV of people that have hurt or even killed children however they may only get a 12 year sentence. How is this justice?
    We are in hope that you may be interested in doing a story to help further our cause.

    Attached our the link of the main article as well as an update below:




    Audrey Fierro



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