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    Pooky Mania The 1st Question


    An exceedingly intellectual game show is the foreground for this story about fame and fortune in Second Life. Low brow it is decidedly naught. What happened? Well. Well. I promised myself I’m not begging to get into the gig. I’ll report this straight up.


    Twas naught the night before Xmas, but about 1 hour before show time Pooky Amsterdam sent out an all hands announcement… Hey Mates! She’s doing a special, unheard-of, “Friday” show! Wow! Say what?


    The guest stars in this show… simply amazing. First, my longtime Second Life friend, a world treasure, Widget Whiteberry (Picture 2). She is the producer of Virtually Speaking, a wildly popular live podcast show in Second Life, that covers all things political. Widget has expanded the show from the usual 6pm SLT Thursdays to include novel events throughout the week, most any evening in SL.


    This explains a lot. Guest #2 is Will Wright (SL name StupidFunWill, Picture 3), one of the rock star gods of electronic game design. The original architect of The Sims and Sim City, Will’s favorite element is Titanium, and his invented word is “perplexinated”.


    Guest #3 is Grady Booch (SL name Alem Theas, Picture 4); Grady is hands-down, the all-time greatest rock star god of software engineering. Currently an IBMer with a business card that says “Free Radical”, the Hermit of Lakewood’s favorite element is Oxygen, and invented word is “politigusted,” which apparently is how you feel after watching Fox News all day at work. As if! Hmmmm.


    But what is this story really about? I’ll sketch an outline, and let you draw the conclusions. Reminder: There are no coincidences.


    Will’s getting paid. Grady’s getting paid. Will is the new king’s wizard, SL CEO Rod Humble’s go-to guy for all things game design. The moral hegemony of VS. Surprise show on a Friday. IBM’s god-man. Linden Lab's god-man. I'm just saying. Command performance. Hydra Shaftoe returns to Second Life, out of deep SL retirement. Never say never. There is something that could make all these coincidences happen. One dollar one vote! Eeeeep!


    Surprising find: Treet TV’s Overflow Room at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Garden%20of%20dreams/18/233/24
    A great place to catch all things Treet TV, including The 1st Question. No Lag. It’s where hard working iReporters do their thang, just like our RL counterparts on the campaign trail. The Overflow Room. Go Figure!


    Special thanks and photo credits to Petlove Petshop for the pictures. Huggles! I still can’t get into the gig! Eeeeep!


    The 1st Question website: http://www.the1stquestion.com/


    The Story in Pictures


    Picture 1: Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe… The classic dream team: superstar emcee and her beloved sidekick of The 1st Question! A Second Life Game Show. Great to have you back Hydra! Woot! Or as Widgy might say "Pookilicious!" One aspect of Pookiphilia. lol


    Picture 2: Widget Whiteberry

    Virtually Speaking (VS) events are at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Virtually%20Speaking/43/54/29
    Podcasts on this site: http://virtually-speaking.com/

    Linked VS program updates available via Google Groups and Facebook.
    and http://groups.google.com/group/virtuallyspeaking


    Picture 3: Will Wright

    Will’s GameTech briefing is at: http://www.slideshare.net/guesta79ddf9/orando2010-5


    Picture 4: Grady Booch

    Grady’s blog is at: http://www.handbookofsoftwarearchitecture.com/index.jsp?page=Blog


    Picture 5: Superflufee and the rabble rousing audience. Three Cheers to All You Lot! Razzy! See my previous iReport viciously spoofed by Superflufee in this amazingly funny video! Eeeep! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiPqFfHdtwQ

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