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    Proper Manors – A Series - Part 1: The Proper Manners of Proper Manors


    Flo DiBona
    © February 9, 2012



    Proper Manors is a new twenty-two minute weekly web series scheduled to debut in May, 2012.  Proper Manors is loosely based on the life and experiences of childhood friends Mr Pietro D’Alessio, Creator and Executive Producer, and Mr Jef Phillips, Co-Creator and Producer.


    If you haven’t heard of Proper Manors yet, you are in for a treat.  The story takes place in the fictional town of Proper USA and the two core characters are Joey Sorrento, played by Hunter Gomez, and his best friend, Jef Knights, played by Beau Stine.  Proper Manors has been referred to as The Sopranos meets Twin Peaks.  The town of Proper and the Sorrento family have many secrets.


    From the nucleus of Joey, Jef, and their story comes a rich tapestry of complex, vibrant characters, and women in Proper will play an important role.  Proper women are portrayed as strong characters that have major impact and influence on the town’s past, present, and future.  From Joey’s mother Blanche Crawford Sorrento, played by Anne Sward, to Claire Walden, played by Amy Lia, Crazy Jane, played by Melinda Chilton, Dahlia Olden, played by Gabrielle Stone, Shila Hicks, played by Amy Savannah, and Detective Thomasita Wilson, played by Dr Katerina Guinevere DuLac, the women of Proper are strong in character, purpose, resolve, and influence.


    One of the elements that makes Proper Manors stand out is the lengths with which it has gone to grow a fan base pre-debut and the extent to which fans are engaging with everyone involved with the project from the Creator and Co-Executive Producer to the cast and crew.  There has been unprecedented access and exchange with regular status reporting on the latest milestones, developments and achievements.  Fans love the involvement and are becoming strong early advocates for the series.


    Proper Manors is among a throng of web series exploding onto the Internet as television continues its transition to a new technological platform and viewers look for more original content. Proper Manors is going to great lengths to develop a quality product that is not founded in how much the project might ultimately make everyone, but in being true to telling a story and developing well-textured, multi-dimensional characters.  However, make no mistake – the money will come.


    Having been a long-time fan of daytime soap operas, Mr D’Alessio has taken his experience as a fan, added it to what he has learned from his extensive career in the entertainment industry, and developed a new model for series production.  The Proper Manors approach is one of respect – respect for the story, respect for the cast and crew, and respect for its future audience.  While the series is being produced on a very tight budget, it is a realistic one that does not try to cut corners and save money at the cast, crew, or project’s expense.  The model is based on a sense of comradery and respect for each individual involved in the project including the fans who will ultimately view it.  The model also includes new, innovative paradigms for developing revenue streams which means viewers will not be charged a fee to watch the show or be required to sit through commercials as with broadcast television.


    Loyalty pays and the Proper Manors team understands that.  They also understand the importance of giving back; not after they’ve made millions of dollars, but out of the gate.  One example of this is the Proper Mall being planned.  As a matter of course, independent artists will have opportunities to have their work featured in the series.  Those artists will then have a place in the Proper Mall where fans will have the opportunity to give feedback and buy their artwork, thus giving new artists a chance at recognition, exposure, and income.


    It is always refreshing to see a team think and work outside the proverbial box.  It is exciting to see a team driven by passion, respect, and thoughtfulness versus the status quo race to make the most money with the least effort.  When a project is approached with the kind of attitude, intent, and respect that Proper Manors has, that… is proper manners.

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