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    Occupy the NRC


    A week ago I argued that nuclear power was essentially "dead" in the US. Cost overruns and continued problems of waste disposal, factored in with aging nuke plants and post Fukushima anxiety, seemed to have nailed the last spike into the coffin.


    Today I write just two days after the NRC announced it will issue permits for new construction of nuclear reactors in the state of Georgia. All I can say is "What the fuku are they thinking?"


    This is an obvious political move and it seems ill conceived. Recent reports have been all bad regarding nuke construction worldwide. Accidents & incidents at nuke plants around the US are on the uptick. Instead of building new nuke plants, the industry has been extending the life of older ones. Thus, the increase in accidents.


    One member of the NRC, Gregory Jaczko, voted against the permits. Politico quotes him: "There are significant safety enhancements that have already been recommended as a result of learning the lessons from Fukushima, and there's still more work ahead of us," Jaczko said shortly after the vote at NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md. "Knowing this, I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima had never happened."


    In December, members of Occupy Toledo crossed the border from Ohio into Michigan to attend an NRC public meeting to express outrage at the disregard for public safety shown by the NRC by promoting construction of a nuke plant along the shores of Lake Erie.


    During "Mic Check" the Occupy protesters repeated these words:
    "Where as the Nuclear Regulatory commission Region 3 has a clear record of putting profit and production ahead of health and safety.


    Where as there is no way to dispose of high level radioactive waste Safely.


    Where as the worst nuclear disaster in history at Fukushima has reminded the world of the dangers that Nuclear Energy poses to us all.


    Where as the NRC is attempting to play a manipulative numbers game using grossly exaggerated and fraudulent projections for Michigan Electric Usage in this Draft Environmental Impact Statement.


    Whereas The NRC cannot be trusted to protect the citizens of the Great Lakes and the Lake Erie Basin.


    We denounce this ridiculous public meeting as nothing but a DOG and Pony Show prioritizing the profits of Detroit Edison over the health and safety of the citizens of this region and the natural environment.


    Furthermore we find you, the representatives of the NRC, criminally responsible for endangering the citizens of this region with your ridiculous Environmental Impact Statement.


    We will do everything in our power to stop this plant from being built. We are the 99 percent."


    An interesting fact from the Counterpunch article by Michael Leonardi of Occupy Toledo is that David Axelrod, Obama's campaign communications director, has worked as a consultant for the Excelon corporation in the past. They are the largest nuclear power owner in the US. And don't forget Jeffrey Immelt of GE. He's a White House insider and, of course, a nuclear advocate.


    Somewhere I read this week that this decision is payback for a big supporter in the nuclear industry of Obama's last presidential campaign. I'm having a hard time finding the source right now.


    I will say that my declaration that "nukes are dead" remains. That the permits were issued is a political move and it is being contested in court by 9 environmental groups. Even if the permits stand, I don't think these plants will ever be completed. It's too costly. Furthermore, the Energy Dept has no business backing these loans. It's a bad gamble. Do they want another Solyndra debacle?


    I encourage free expression at NRC public meetings.


    Occupy the NRC. Stop the insanity.


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