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    Posted September 3, 2008 by
    New York, New York
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    Sarah Palin: Is there a double standard?

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    Feminism is not just for women



    I'm what you'd call a die-hard feminist.  As a result, I hold women to the same standards to which I would hold men.  I'm not just saying this to be argumentative, but if McCain had chosen a male candidate with a newborn baby with special needs and a 17-year-old pregnant daughter, I absolutely WOULD think, "Uh, he should probably worry about helping his family before helping the nation." 





    I think people are confused about feminism.  They assume it means women want to have what men have - the lack of stigma when it comes to equalizing career and home.  However, most intelligent feminists realize that this attitude toward men in the work-place is not only untrue (as they tend to give favor to work as opposed to home), it is just as harmful as the attitude that women should stay at home.  You can't be pro women's rights without understanding that men, too, have stereotypes attached to them which are unfair and unhealthy for society.   Neither women NOR men putting work ahead of their families is a good idea. 





    I'm certain that there is a bit of a double-standard occurring; most people who are attacking her for putting work ahead of her family are probably basing it upon typical anti-feminist stereotype.  However, for those truly concerned about familial issues (but instead of being worried about the sex/gender of the couple, worry instead about real problems such as poverty and its effects on families), I think her choice to run despite her family's current state would be of interest regardless of whether she was a man or a woman - at least, in my case it is.



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