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    What does it mean to be Greek?

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    The Truth about Greece – an open letter by Mikis Theodorakis to International Public Opinion (PART 2)

    (... PART 2)

    We were in that position at 2009, when the government changed. In November George Papandreou was elected Greek Prime Minister. To fully understand what the Greek people thinks today for his disastrous policies, I am quoting two numbers: In 2009’s elections, PASOK won 44% of the votes. Today, the polls give just 6% to PASOK! Mr. Papandreou could confront the economic crisis (which would reflect the European one), with loans from foreign banks – and the usual interest rate is below 5%! If he would do that, not only there wouldn’t be any problem for our country, but since we had economic growth, we would also have risen of our standard of living.
    But Mr. Papandreou was conspiring against Greek people since summer of 2009, when he met in secret with Strauss-Kahn, to put Greece under the domination of IMF. The information for this secret meeting was published, by the former President of IMF himself!
    But to get there, the Greek economy had to be “distorted” that much, to intimidate the foreign banks and have their lending rates risen to prohibitive high figures. This unspeakable conspiracy began with manipulating the Public Debt statistics, skyrocketing from 9.2% to 15%! For this serious crime, the economic attorney Mr. Peponis referred to Justice 20 days ago Mr Papandreou and Mr Papaconstantinou (former Minister of Finance).
    This Public Debt skyrocketing, followed by the systematic “campaign” of Mr. Papandreou and the Greek Minister of Finance all over the Europe for 5 months, where they tried to persuade the Europeans that Greece is a “Titanic” about to sink, that the Greeks are corrupted lazy people and therefore unable to deal with country’s needs! In every single statement of them, the interest rates were rising up, till Greece couldn’t borrow anymore. So, Greece submission to IMF and European Bank took a character of “salvation”, but instead was the beginning of our death!
    In May 2010, the famous “Memorandum” signed by a single one Minister. This Memorandum was Greece’s total subservience to our lenders. The Greek Constitution requires for such an important agreement to be valid, the votes of the 3/5 of the Greek Parliament. So basically, the “Memorandum” and “Troika” are ruling Greece illegaly, not only because of Greek Constitution, but according to European Laws!
    If there are 20 steps leading to our death, with the Memorandum we’ve done more than half of the way. Imagine that with the “Memorandum”, we’re totally giving up our National Independence and our Public Property to foreigns! That means ports, airports, public roads, electricity, water, mineral and subsea natural wealth etc. Even our historical monuments, like Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus etc., since we have resigned from any objections!
    The production stopped, the unemployment rose to 18%, over 80,000 shops and hundreds of thousands of industries closed down. A total of 432,000 businesses, bankrupted. Thousands of young scientists are leaving this “sinking” country and every day we’re sinking in Dark Ages. Thousands of formerly wealthy citizens are diging the trash cans for food and have to sleep on the streets because they became homeless.
    In the mean time, we are supposingly to staying alive thanks to the generosity of our lenders, the European banks and the IMF! But the truth is that every single package of dozens billions we borrow returns back where it came from, and the Greek people have to pay bigger and bigger interest rates. And because there is a need to maintain the State, the Hospitals and Schools, “Troika” loads the middle and lower economic class of Greek society with unreasonable taxes, which lead us directly to starvation! Greeks faced another general state of starvation at the beginning of German Occupation in 1941 during WWII, with 300,000 dead people in six months! The phantom of hunger returns to our slandered and wretched country.

    .... to be continued
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