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    Sarah Palin: Is there a double standard?

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    Yes there is a HUGE double standard!



    This was my reply to an i-report that said there was no double standard:



       I do not agree with you at all, first, just because Sarah Palin holds this view does not mean that her 17 year old (practically adult) child has to hold the same views. My sister knew at 13 she wanted to be a mom, and by 15 she had met the love of her life and by 17 they were married and had a kid, and yes she had her kid before she got married. She wanted to raise her child young and have the whole rest of her life with her husband and there is nothing wrong with that. I see nothing wrong with Palin standing behind her child even though her daughter having a baby like this goes against her views, she is going to be a strong mother and be there for her child. I have known plenty of bad parents who let their views stand in the way and write their own kids off for something like this.


    Also, Palin has 5 kids, One is full grown, then one is 17 and about to be married, so really she has three kids that she still has to raise, and I think it is reverse sexism on your part to say that she could not be VP and should raise her kids and not consider the fact that there is a father there too. It is never questioned if a male running for office who has kids can do it and handle the kids and that is because we all just assume that their wives are going to be first ladies and good parents (even if they are not great parents like Betty Ford) but as soon as the role is flipped we are going to assume that the father cannot step in to raise his own kids?


    Why is it ok not to question Obama on if he can raise his kids ok and be in office? We just assume that Obama can raise his kids and be in office because he is male and the mother will be there to do it, so how come we cannot assume the same thing when the roles are flipped and it is a woman running for office and the father taking care of the kids? Mr. Palin is a busy career man, both of the Palin's are, but if Palin were to take VP her husband would be able to step in and take care of three kids I think. Also, I come from a large family, a family of 6, and anyone from a large family knows that we all take care of each other, and we realize we all make mistakes and help each other get by when we do.



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