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    Posted September 3, 2008 by
    Salem, New Hampshire
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    Sarah Palin: Is there a double standard?

    of course a mom of 5 can be ANYTHING she wants...BUT...



    ..its about balance...I think no rational person can say a mother of 5 should stay home and be a full time mom and shouldn't work.  The issue is what is the 'work' and how will it impact the balance of work/life.  Doesn't everyone, male or female, if they have a family (or not), think about the impact of a job offer would have on their personal/family life before accepting the offer?  Regardless if you're a Dr, teacher, or whatever, you think first about how this job is going to impact your family- the commute, the hours, the pay, etc all factor in....but ultimately its SUBJECTIVE.  There is no rule book on how many hours you can be away from your family before its detrimental to your family's well being?  (Wouldn't it be cool if there were!?)



    In the case of Palin, we're pushing the envelope here because we're elevating the bar on 'work'.  I've never been VP, but I think its safe to say its not a 9-5 job and its pretty stressful (even if all you do is attend funerals!)  We're also tossing in some VERY new variables regarding her infant and daughter, etc.  (arguably things that would tip the scale even further to spending more time with your family than usual).



    Here's a provocative statement:  I think it does NOT have anything to do with her 'executive' experience that qualifies her to be VP, its about her choices and judgement.  In this case, I think she made the wrong call.  Its not her time.  She should have said NO to McCain, it would have been the better example that family does come FIRST....Her family clearly needs her AND her husband to be focused on their family.  ( I would have said the same thing even before finding out about her daughter's pregnancy).  Its about her OWN special needs INFANT that she should focus on.  Can you really believe she can do both of these things?



    Let the flames begin.....





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