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    Posted September 3, 2008 by
    Monroe, Louisiana
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    Sarah Palin: Is there a double standard?

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    For just a moment let's pretend that Sarah Palin is our president (I know she's running for VP but John McCain is old so let's pretend).



    Now, before I go any farther with this hypothetical excercise let me say that I have no problem with Bristol Palin being pregnant.  These things happen.  I also think that Sarah has taken on a yeoman's job in raising an infant child with DS.  Also, I have no problem with a woman being president but I'm gonna hold her to the same standards I'd hold a man. I was a devout Hillary Clinton supporter and I damn sure would have expected her to do the job.  That being said, let's continue our hypothetical.



    So, Sarah Palin is our president.  On the day of her grandchild's birth we are the victims of another terrorist attack.  What do you want Sarah to do.  Notice that I didn't ask you what you think she would do.  I asked what you want her to do.  Do you want her to ignore our Nation's Crisis or Her daugter's needs?  Your answer to this question will say a lot about you.  We could just have easily said that there was a complication with her own special needs child but you get the point.  A decision is going to have to be made.  Which do you want Sarah Palin to choose?



    Now, we could apply this same scenario to Barrack as well.  I can't see anything as serious happening to his daughters but I'm willing to play this out.  Say one of them was seriously injured the day of the attack.  Not in the attack.  Purely coincidental.  Do you want him to make the same decision you want Sarah to make?  Family or Country?



    To say that we don't expect different things from men and women in certain instances is asinine.  I am in no way saying that a woman can't do the job of being president.  Quite the contrary.  I believe Hillary would have been an excellent president but she is not saddled with the apparent baggage that Sarah Palin is carrying.  And I'll also say that if Barrak had a pregnant teen daughter and a child with special needs I'd have serious reservations about his ability to make a split second decision in this scenario too.  In fact, I would hope that if he were carrying as much baggage as Sarah Palin appears to be carrying that he would refrain from running for president in the first place.



    Me, I want my president to be MY president.  It is a difficult, sometimes thankless, and emotionally devastating job that requires 100% resolve at all times.



    If you don't think that Sarah -- or Barrak, for that matter -- should, could, or would put this country before absolutely everything else, family included, then you should not vote for her, or him.



    It is a cold, hard thing to say but it needs to be said.  I find it easier to believe that Barrak will do the job I hired him to do on that day than Sarah will.  But, that is just my opinion.  What do you think?



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