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    Japan one year later: What’s changed?

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    This is the testimony of a survivor of the last year Japan earthquake

    My name is Martha, I'm from Peru, I have been living in Tokyo Japan, with my husband and two children for many years. I consider this country as my second home.
    After all the tragedy that occurred at the north of Japan, the anguish, the constant insomnia not let me be quiet; I felt a lump in my throat constantly. I wanted to sleep and when I could, woke up tired and without encouragement to set me up.
    Constantly remembered that episode, a terrible outbreak, that seemed never end, the mere idea of not seeing my children was distressing, my pregnant friend beside me, the train and all the buses stopped, I felt that was the end.
    If this happens, then...do you can imagine people who live closely all that? People who had lost everything. Nature was relentless.
    Only prayed, requesting to God that everything is calm... and could normalize, however the problem was not resolved, the threat of a nuclear radiation was first heard at the start of the day.
    Already started to be affected food... and unfortunately had to discard, affecting to
    many people... With all that was happening, I started to prepare some hand luggage buying masks, taking to hand glasses that are used for skiing, to protect us and you need if we had an emergency and. We had to evacuate the place.
    Suddenly felt a great strength that you came to me, seemed magical or divine maybe... the main reason my life and the reason why I am here so many years my family...they are my husband and two children. The unconditional support that I received from my family sisters and cousins, nephews and So many friends with their letters, words and sentences from the most remote places in the earth.
    From one moment to another I felt care from this people, something really hard to forget, because thanks to this I could recover the faith.
    The Earth continued shaking and that to me feel often vulnerable, but little by little, putting everything my effort went over.
    Now after almost a past a year, I can say that: what I admire from this country is and will be...THE
    An example was very clear that what happened the next day, people trying to mobilize
    until its center work in a normal way, despite the fact that transport systems were restricted
    Besides that, people made purchases (including me) without promoting conflict and violence
    all in an atmosphere of calm, and I think that this is due to his culture, they can be living moments of great anguish or pain, but its serenity and courage facing adversities, attitude is the most
    admirably, and constructive that I have learned, it has been a great lesson for me and it has helped to make me more strong in life. I am very grateful with their example of attitude.
    To finish... I would like to make a small but deep reflection: If we act with more humility, thinking that serenity means to respect to each other, that everything that happens to us affects our lives and others lives.
    To keep the life we need to have a little good will and common sense, leaving aside the differences that we have whether political, cultural, religious, etc. Because the only thing they do is to separate us and progressively self-destructive to each other.
    We better give more attention and concern for those who need help food and clothing.
    Many people lost absolutely everything, and even this people go on foot to help someone else when they need it...
    Let’s get together please, I have so much faith and hope that the things could change and. the destiny of many people could change too.

    Thanks for the opportunity to express and share this moment with you.
    I am very grateful for all the support received.
    Martha Elizabeth
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