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    Remembering Whitney Houston

    Reflections Of A Life Well Lived


    Here's a little something to think about. No one ever promised any of us, a smooth beginning, middle or end in this life. The quality of our existence is found within the choices that we make moment to moment. Although lesser media outlets would rather we dwell upon the most tragic portions of our fallen celebrities lives.... I thank CNN for covering the full spectrum of Ms. Houston's life experience as well as her beautiful coming home celebration...

    There is so much for us to learn in this life, and in many cases, as a witness to the lives of others, especially our beloved celebrities. But, the lessons we choose to hold onto, to remember of a life well lived, be it our own, a loved one, or our perception of the life lived and lost by so many of our fallen celebrities.... the lessons learned, come from within us. As a witness to a life well lived, the lessons learned, are those we choose to hold onto. This is a reflection of who WE are, as individuals, not the totality of the lives lived by our fallen celebrities...

    Think about this; what will you choose to remember most of the life and offering of Ms. Houston? Her beautiful gift, her singing voice, her lyrics, the beautiful words of her songs... or her tragic end, her years of struggle, attempts to hold onto a life that became much to much? Imagine losing the one thing that connected you to the world, the one thing of which the entire world identified you with... her voice. Did she give up, no... Ms. Houston had the heart of a Lion, and following a few mistakes, (that we all make in this life) but are never witnessed by the world, she tried her best and rose again....

    What I haven't heard anyone mention, and what very few ever admit to having is DEPRESSION. Can you imagine the level of Depression one would feel after losing such a magnificent gift as Ms. Whitney did... Can you imagine being invited, in your worst state, to your mentor's, Clive Davis' party and The Grammy Awards, where every voice is heard, celebrated and rewarded, and you no longer have yours.... I believe what Ms. Houston was desperately trying to mask by way of drugs, alcohol and erratic behavior was a severe case of depression, something none of us ever admit to having, and something that we would never attribute to a celebrity, because compared to our lives, they have so much to be thankful for.. I believe, those that witnessed Ms. Houston's behavior leading to her untimely passing, were witnessing a woman struggling with severe Depression and the choices she made in this life, that lead her to this end... That because of her celebrity status, her tears went unnoticed... The thought of being invited once again, to an event where the voice is celebrated, your mentors party, where all would witness the demise of your gift... just became to unbearable.

    I don't believe we will find any level of foul play with Ms. Houston's death, what we'll find are a series of well doers that believed, by giving Ms. Houston what she wanted, all that she asked for, even witnessing her behavior without loving judgment... just believing things would be alright. Whitney knew her gift was gone, her final album was a complete struggle for her, but like a Lion, she pushed through it best she could..trying to recapture what once was... But it became too much, and the party, and pressure of being faced with her new reality, just became too much to bear, and she simply wanted to rest, to escape her silent pain, to sleep....

    We were blessed with the opportunity to witness an amazing life, someone that touched the world with her gift. It is now up to us, to choose which portion of that life we would most like to remember.... Like so many before Ms. Houston, Janis Joplin, Karen Carpenter, Luther Vandross, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson.. They all suffered their personal pains in silence, giving us their all in spite of...Their gifts, their tremendous struggles. How we choose to remember them, defines their legacy.
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