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    Posted February 20, 2012 by
    Washington, District of Columbia
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    Salute to troops

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    Veterans Organize Presidents' Day March on Washington D.C. in Support of Ron Paul


    Washington, D.C.- Over five-hundred veterans gathered for a march through D.C. to the White House on Presidents' Day, as thousands of spectators lined the streets in observance. The veterans vocalized their support for presidential candidate Ron Paul, chanting "President Paul" and "End the FED". At the gates of the White house, one second of silence was observed in respect for each serviceman who had committed suicide since President Obama assumed office in 2008.


         Why is the Mainstream Media biased to the extent that it will not cover significant events such as this? The media didn't cover this march because to do so would be to give Ron Paul a better chance at winning. To give Ron Paul any chance at winning is to threaten the current power structure that serves a select few. I think we need to pay closer attention to what our soldiers our saying. Seventy percent of campaign donations from active duty American soldiers are to the Ron Paul campaign. The support Ron Paul has garnered from active duty soldiers is a testament to the common-sense nature of Ron Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy.

         Ron Paul is not an isolationist as the mainstream media would like you to think. He believes that our interventions in countries during the 20th and 21st centuries have led to significant blowbacks that have done extreme harm to our economy and national security. Ron Paul thinks we should follow the constitution and debate whether to declare war, before stupidly rushing into wars with indefinite timetables and vague goals. If there were a SERIOUS threat to our national security, Ron Paul would not hesitate to use the full power of our military to destroy that threat. Ron Paul doesn't tackle terrorism superficially by claiming "terrorists inherently hate the idea of freedom that America embraces". He correctly understands that terrorism is an extreme reactionary defense against interventionist policies that have resulted in the murders of millions of innocent Arab civilians.

         Since the end of WWII, our government has occupied the Middle East to get resources for our country's rich. Its prime goal is to maintain a high degree of instability in the region in order to maintain dominance, and the Arab people understand this. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't critically researched U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East post the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Heck, our greatest ally in the region, Israel, organizes false-flag terrorist attacks to generate nationalistic support for military action. Check out the well-documented "Lavon Affair", which was an uncovered Israeli attempt to stage a terrorist attack against the US Embassy and place the blame the Muslim Brotherhood. Governments are shady as hell, so don't blindly accept what they tell you. People need to empathize with the innocent civilians and try to understand why young Arabs feel inclined to join terrorist groups. The mainstream media will do all they can to maintain support for the wars, whether it is FOX or CNN. Do some independent research and think on your own rather than accepting whatever comes out of the mouths of the lying pundits on TV.                                

         Neoconservatives=neoliberals in that both parties are mechanisms for federal government expansion. You can't fix the debt crisis, or limit the size of our gov't, by starting a war with Iran (and our recently imposed sanctions currently exacerbate the situation and push towards war). Iran has no Air Force and our CIA is deeply infiltrated in the Iranian gov't (and has been since the 1953 CIA overthrow of the Shah) and can likely track any nuclear material to the exact longitude and latitude. You must ask yourself, "are all Iranian citizens crazy". No. Iranian citizens are increasing their support of the Ahmadinejad regime because of the U.S.'s threats, policies, and presence in the region. How would you like it if the strongest military in the world (the same military that took out your leader in the 50s) surrounded you on all fronts? Wouldn't you want to defend yourself in any way possible? People also need to understand "mutually assured destruction". Iran understands that if it attacks the US or Israel, their country is as good as destroyed. If they send their nuke to Al-Qaeda, they know that they will face the same fate. The common counter-argument to mutually assured destruction in the case of Iran passing a weapon to Al-Qaeda is, "Al-Qaeda and terrorist groups don't care about MAD because they are willing to die as martyrs for the cause". This argument clearly ignores that nuclear weaponry is produced by state powers, not by non-state actors. If a state power gave a nuke to a terrorist group, that state power would meet the full wrath of the U.S.'s nuclear arsenal. Every country, including Iran, knows this.

         Take a look at Egypt. We sent billions every year to that country, since the 50s, as a counterweight to Arab unity. All that money is down the drain now that the guy we supported is out of power (Mubarak). Take a look at Iraq-- We monetarily and militarily supported Saddam Hussein's rise in the 80s. Saddam was willing to work with the US in the early 2000s in fighting Islamic terrorism, because he saw extremism as a threat to his dictatorial rule. But our gov't invaded off of completely false intelligence in 2003 and took him out of power in order to launch a war to further Middle Eastern instability. Our gov't subsequently killed millions of Iraqi civilians just as it had done with its sanctions in the 90s. Is it any wonder that young Arabs want to fight against the US gov't and its lack of respect for national sovereignty and self-determination?

         Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who understands that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. He is the only one who will bring our country back from the brink of bankruptcy. He is the only candidate that will actually strengthen our military and defense BY MAKING FRIENDS with countries; he is the exact opposite of an isolationist. He is the only candidate questioning the shady Federal Reserve System. Check out the recent GAO audit of the FED, you might be surprised.

         There is hope that American liberty will be restored. Once the Occupy and Tea Party movements converge (like they did in their protest of the NDAA) America will see mass mobilization and protest. Get ready for it boys and girls, it's gonna be one hell of a ride. AMERICA.

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