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    Stories from Second Life

    Music on my mind

    I happened upon a video online, of course it was on you tube. I happened to be surfing the web, and to my amazement I saw a still picture with glowing silhouette border. The picture stood out , and upon further gazing I saw the name of the musician. Young Moni london, I was sure that was not his real name. The music was very good for a new artist, so I delved further into finding and meeting this musician. After a few contacts and a phone call we agreed to meet. Young Moni london was apprehensive about our meeting but had reluctantly agreed. I selected a restaurant that I was certain he would not turn down the opportunity for a nice meal. I had a selfish reason in wanting to meet this guy, his music was great and I knew he would be a star someday. The big day came and we met downtown at Rittenhouse square, I easily recognised him, who can miss a serious artist. We said hello and proceeded into the restaurant, and immeadiately we were seated. Between the bread rolls we talked about the area and music in general. He appeared to have total mastery of music, and I was impressed at what I heard. I ordered some wine to loosen up the tongue, and to my surprise I found out that this fellow Young Moni London trained in the sciences and later in his career switched to full time music. This truly was a second life for him, a career where the power of your work was not reflected in the reach of your product. His music was not on televison or radio, but he had uploaded it unto the popular site you tube. He placed two samples online, "we had it all" and "win is all we do". The quality of his work was superb, yet he could not get any major carrier to play his music. I was amazed at his commitment to music, but I also wondered how he made ends meet. He seemed to suspect what I was thinking, and he remarked towards the end of our meal that "I do odd jobs here and there to put food on the table". This was the life of a musician, always unpredictable but gratifying. I realised that a musician could write a great song, and probably never get discovered. Young Moni london obviously had not been discovered by the general public, but I had stumbled upon a rising star. How long the secret was going to be kept away from the popiulace was anybody's guess. In the music business, everything is choreographed by the minders. Until a script is written for you, darkness remains hovering over your head. We left the restaurant heading in opposite directions, he towards the subway and I made a dash towards the parking lot. Rush hour was approaching, and I had to head for the mainline before the gridlock descended upon those heading away from the city. This truly was a story of a second life for a young man struggling to have his music heard amongst the music industry sharks. I thought about it for a moment. but it seemed a daunting task in America, to push your music into the mainstream without the backing of a major recording studio. I decided to follow the career of this man,and perhaps see a rising star glow for us all. I reviewed online to see how his work was doing, and surprisingly there had been over a thousand hits in a three week period and counting. I thought to myself, that he had hope after all, No need to feel sorry for a starving artist, not this one at least. Like his lyric "It is well my friend", I realized he would be alright.
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