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    I am America

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    I Am America

    I grew up working a farm. At five years old my Grand Daddy had me driving tractors across the fields for the bigger boys and men to lay irrigation pipes. So work is something I have never been afraid of.

    The reason I say I am America is because of the way I was raised. My family was racist against black people. I was trained to be racist, but their training did not stick. While in elementary school, I became friends with a black kid who I will not name here. I brought him home one day and we were playing in the yard, when my mother got home. She ran him off, and beat me for having a "filthy "N" at our home. When Dad got home I got it again.

    My Dad later that week took me to the tobacco fields and put me to work on the ground beside black people picking the tobacco. After a few hours of picking I was put on a tractor driving the sleds across the fields for the black workers to load the tobacco. When my father returned he said, "N" pick whites drive because we are their boss. Then he asked me question, "Which job would you rather have?" I told him I didn't care, one paid just as much as the other. He beat me again.

    They continued to try to beat in racism, I even found myself be taken to KKK meetings, where I would hear from people how the blacks were inferior to the whites, and the blacks where the trash of America.

    Seventeen years passed of being taught to hate black people because of the color of their skin. Seventeen years of rejecting their way of thinking. Hate for others is often taught at home by parents. I can say for some kids it is easier to embrace the hate rather than rise above the hate and stand up to their parents, and be willing to take that beating.

    I am America because I refuse to call a black person an African American, or a Mexican a Latino American, or a any other tag you wish to preface American with. I believe if you were born here, or immigrated here legally you are an American. That should be good enough.

    There should not be separate months for each culture's history. Children should be taught American History. Both the awesome and the awful all year long. There are no slaves left alive, nor are there any masters left alive. The hate and racism should die with those who caused it, and not continue into our world today.

    I am Native American, but most people call me white. I don't care, why because I know who I am. I am America, and I don't believe in racism. I know it is out there, I know it is as bad today as it was in the 60's in some parts of this great nation. I have my rights, but my rights should be the same as everyone else. No one race should get special treatment because underneath the skin we are all Americans, and we are all America.
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