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    Posted February 23, 2012 by
    Muntinlupa City, Philippines
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    What does beauty mean to you?

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    Inner Beauty Is More Important Than The Outward Appearance


    My biggest insecurity is actually the feeling of being too nervous when I'm in front of a huge crowd. I'm a retailer and salesman from the Philippines, and I usually meet all types of people. Being too nervous makes you feel confused and dumb. I want to feel secure with controlling my nerves and that's why I practice yoga and other meditation- techniques. A person who has confidence and who can systematically control his nerves would certainly look beautiful, since he can perform magnificently even under pressure.

    When it comes to internal parts of my body, I love my brain because it is the abode of my reasoning, knowledge and wisdom. When it's about the external parts of my body, I do love my eyes because I can see the world by simply using them. We do use our eyes and brains to make this world a better place to live in. To see is to believe1 That's why I love my eyes and brain.

    Beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder..... but the modern world has set certain standards about physical beauty. A man is supposed to have big muscles and should shave a lot to look good. A woman is supposed to have visible curves, clear face and shiny hair to attract males. Such standards on physical beauty have now been considered as 'mainstream'. But beauty is not just looking good and attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Beauty is also about being confident about yourself and using your talents and skills to make personal accomplishments and help others as well. A person who has achieved various awards for his humanitarian work is certainly a 'beautiful human being'. A person who has crafted masterpieces is certainly a 'beautiful human being'. A person who has promoted the well-being of his community is certainly a 'beautiful human being'. In other words, beauty has dimensions or realms other than the physical attributes of a human body. An intelligent person who immensely contributes to global progress has confidence that makes him or her a productive member of the society. There are countless 'pretty faces' out there who have been tagged as lazy or unproductive members of the society. Such 'pretty faces' don't have the confidence to make personal accomplishments, hence they don't feel good about themselves and they feel ugly within.

    A person who has strong confidence will feel good and look beautiful. A truly-confident person can easily smile and spread happiness to others. Smiles do make a person look beautiful. A person who spreads nice messages and happiness to others can easily get along well with everyone. People who spread cheerfulness to others have such charisma that makes them look good in public eyes.

    The individual human being’s perception of what a beautiful person should look like is influenced by a lot of factors. The external sources of information such as family, friends, romantic partners, social organizations, culture, work, advertisements and mass media were found out by research groups to be influential in contributing to an individual’s definition of a 'beautiful person''. But it can't be denied that individuals have their own standard of human beauty based on their upbringing and maturity. I think inner beauty should be considered essential most especially in interacting with other people as well as in keeping relationships with others. Inner beauty is longer lasting compared to outer beauty since courage, wisdom and skills never grow old. Besides, inner beauty leads to greater self-fulfillment and personal success.

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