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    Posted February 24, 2012 by

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    UK Speech by Lord James of Blackheath, regarding theft and laundering by the US Fed Reserve Bank of


      Yes this is lengthy, but it sure is interesting! I hope you read it to gain insight into international finance! Well, maybe not international finance, but these players: the CIA, Chinese intelligence, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Timothy Geitner, the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury, the International Monetary Fund, JP Morgan Chase Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC Bank in London, the Bank of England, and James Riady, his partners, and, 37 TRILLION DOLLARS, part or all of which may have been in gold, possibly 350,000 tons of gold. Unimaginable wealth owned by an Indonesian family breaks into the news with this story.  Clearly as stated in ZETATALK.com, all these financial shenanigans are about to be moot. At the bottom of this email is a list of financial officials who have recently resigned. It seems the rats are scurrying off the sinking ship. Clearly, the elite and powerful have drained the world's economies in anticipation of cataclysm of geographic poleshift caused by the proximity, at the moment, of Planet X between the Sun and the Earth.  Thanks to Robert Morningstar for sending me the original article which got me started. You will not believe what is going on!  GJG    Hi,  Normally I am not that interested in international finance, being that I think it all is a house of cards. I also think that the sinister secret government has back door access to worldwide banking organizations and can park money overnight and take it out the next morning at will, and or transfer money from any account to any other account without being traceable. I also know that banks in the US changed the law so that holding paper that says it is redeemable in gold is the same as holding gold. I understand that banks sold off their gold to raise money lost in the crash of financial instrument markets, and now cannot afford to buy it back, so they have created false gold redeemable paper and paid other banks to lease their gold certificates !!!!!  ?????  !!!!, so that their records show gold on hand or leased out, which does not and will never exist again as assets of those banks.  But after Robert Morningstar sent me this article about a speech given in the UK House of Lords the other day, February 16th, 2012, I became quite interested in this particular case.....  It seems that there is an individual named Yohannes Riyadi, aka James Riady, who is the world's richest man, heir to the wealth of centuries of Indo-Chinese empires, ?????????, and whose self declared wealth is said to be 37 TRILLION DOLLARS, at least some, or all of it, being in 750,000 tons of gold, or half that. Now some say that much gold is impossible as all the gold mined in the history of the world as we know it supposedly totals 1,500 tons. But I know someone who went beneath the runways at Zurich airport and saw gold vaults, several levels of them, running for miles beneath the runways, and of considerable width, all being held in cages for the owners. From his descriptions, I would guess that 1,500 tons of gold is a vast understatement of the actual gold present and held in just that one location, close to secret loading on aircraft and immediate shipment. But what do I know? I calculate that 37 TRILLION DOLLARS would equal about 350,000 tons of gold. Where could you put that except un

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