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    Posted February 24, 2012 by
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    What does beauty mean to you?

    Beauty are the things which are unseen.


    See these two girls? Their smiles are almost exact aren't they?
    They're actually the same person. That girl you see in the pictures - that's me. The only difference is that one has make-up and one doesn't.


    Growing up my biggest insecurity was ME.
    How could my biggest insecurity be myself?
    It’s simple: I wouldn’t dare let anyone see me without make-up.


    Between the ages of 12 and 20 I had a severe case of low self-esteem.
    In high school I believed that the more make-up I had on, to cover up who I was, the prettier I was. Because who I saw in the mirror wasn’t me when I had make-up on. That was beautiful to me. This was a secret to the world until I got into college.


    Too keep things short, what made me change my perception was a paper I had written for my English class about the Asian woman’s perception on beauty. The paper was based off of a poem written by a Japanese woman. This was in fact a recipe of how to be “beautiful”. My paper was an analysis of the underlying messages and implications in the poem. The overall message was this: The less Asian you look, the more European you look, the prettier you are.


    My boyfriend, my closest friends and this paper is what changed my perception of myself and what beauty is. Through writing the paper I learned that the media plays a critical role in creating consciousness – the idea of what beauty is.


    What I sought for was affirmation from the media. As I turned the pages of the magazine and saw a girl I kind of looked like, it made me feel I was a step closer to being pretty. As I watched TV shows and commercials, when I was able to replicate a look from an actress, I felt prettier.


    The problem here is that there aren’t too many Asian women on TV. And I thought what was on TV was considered pretty. I saw nothing but Caucasian girls. Perhaps Asian women aren’t pretty enough to be in TV?


    I learned that I was seeking affirmation in all the wrong places.

    Beauty is not what America’s Top Model tells you. Beauty is in fact a concept which takes a multiplicity of forms. It can be manipulated, it can be owned and it is a socially constructed idea which changes. People try to find the woman that “is most beautiful”. It’s impossible, because beauty is not an idea or concept which is consistent.


    That is my opinion on beauty. Like the answer of 1+1, I do not believe it is something that can be derived as a “fact.” However, I do believe that unlike beauty, we can come to terms on defining TRUE beauty.


    True beauty is a PROCESS of understanding one’s worth. In other words, true beauty first begins with you. Everyone has insecurities. And it’s up to you to overcome them and when you do, you certainly are one beautiful human being.


    I thought I was ugly without make-up. I hated my big teeth, small nose, A cup breasts and light skin. I have finally overcome this mentality.


    I’m American and I love my freedom. I love choices. And when I don’t get to choose – I considered it as a bad thing. I couldn’t make choices on the nose I had or the skin color I had – this was ugly. As I said above, I have finally overcome this mentality.


    I cannot change what I was born with. However, what I can change is my perspective. And after going through an 8 year journey of low-self esteem and spending my first 2 years of college finding myself I have finally come to terms.


    What I think is most beautiful about myself is my perception on beauty.
    As I mentioned before, beauty is fluid. I have overcome my obstacles. I can now say that I “own” beauty. And ever since this, I am able to find beauty in anyone and every thing.



    The most beautiful things are things which cannot be seen.

    I'm not more or less beautiful than anyone. I am beautiful.

    Do you know you’re beautiful?

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