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    9-11 Sacred or Not?

    I read am I-Report a couple of minutes ago, and I wanted to share my thoughts on if the ground is sacred, hallowed, or not.

    Now some will undoubtedly find this piece upsetting while others will just attack me as usual. It really doesn't matter because this is what I feel.

    On September 11, 2001, cowards hijacked planes and flew them into buildings, and crashed in a field. 3000 plus people died that day in different areas across the nation. The attack will live on the memories who lived through it, and witnessed it until the day we die. That doesn't mean the land once holding up the twin towers is sacred. The memorial at the site doesn't make is sacred. It is a piece of land built on what once was a part of the Hudson River, which was filled in by trash.

    I am all American, but I am also Christian, and Jesus taught we are to let the dead bury the dead. This means we don't need to be worrying about the dead, they are gone. We need to worry about the people who are left alive. If the government would spend as much money on keeping us safe here as they do protecting those who attacked us around the world, we might actually be safe.

    I do not want anyone to forget what happened, because if we do forget, we will have to face it again, but I have to believe God has a reason for what happened, be it to draw us closer, or have us go after the enemies of the Jewish nation, I don't know, and can't say as I can't pretend to know the mind of God.

    I do know Muslims have more rights in this country than Christians, and Jews together. I do know Muslims get to scream about bigotry, while Christians have to shut up and take it. I do know Muslims seek the complete destruction of the Jewish people, while the world tries to press them back to 1967 boarders.

    When a Muslim burns a Holy Bible it is said, "That is just a book they do not know any better." However when a Christian burns the Koran, it causes war? I don't see the difference. Maybe Christians should rise up in one voice against Muslims as they rise up against us. Would that solve the problem? I doubt it.

    The mere death of people in one place, be it 1 or 3000 doesn't make the ground sacred, or holy. It makes the ground bloody. It makes hearts harden, and scars appear on the soul.

    Remember the attacks, please remember them, but in those memories, remember who did it, who was attacked, and who died. Remember it was innocent people just working in buildings and riding on planes. It was emergency responders trying to rescue those who were trapped, and police officers who were trying to protect. It was not a soldiers on a field of battle, or armored tanks rolling across a desert. It was just people in offices, most of which knew nothing about Islam or wars fought over seas.

    Is ground zero sacred? I say no it is soaked with the blood of the innocent who still to this day cry out a warning to all Americans, "DO NOT TRUST ISLAM"
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