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    Posted February 29, 2012 by
    Baltimore, Maryland

    Homosexuality is a learned behavior!!!!


    Not just homosexuality but heterosexuality is also a learned behavior and it is not genetic.  If you do not believe it, take a good look at those career prisoners who can be both heterosexuals as well as homosexuals.    Think about the time when we were all virgins at some point in our life, and how we had to fumble around to learn the ways of our sexuality.  Everyone has to learn the ropes of sexual preference of our choice, as we grow.


    Imagine, two five year old boys end up in an island all by themselves because of a ship wreck.  Let us assume that they grow together without much difficulty.  When they reach puberty, they will learn to release their sexual feelings, and there is a good possibility that they both could become perfect homosexual partners!  But if those children are male and female, they will become natural heterosexual partners. (Remember, Blue Lagoon movie?)


    Human sexuality is a learned behavior, and it is expressed through a conscious choice we make, and not through genetics.  As male, one may have 90 percent of feminine genetic characteristics.  But yet, that person's sexual preference will be by choice, and not by one's genetic composition.   To say boldly that one is born with certain sexual preference is the biggest lie of the 21st  century.  People who are really confused about their own identity, and lack understanding become victims to these lies.  As Romans 1:26-28 says, their mind is darkened and it becomes reprobate mind.   God created male and female for procreation, stewardship and companionship.  Just because some religious denominations say black is white will not make the black as white.  Let us not be deceived!


    Stand by the roads and look.  Ask for the ancient path.  Where the good road is, walk in it, and find rest for your soul!  This is not a Democratic or Republican issue.  This is actually a basic human civilization issue that is under attack by dark forces.  Fads may come and go but the Word of the Lord will reign forever and ever.  The word, "Marriage" is a sacred word that stands for the union between man and woman.   Let us not compromise it for any other illegitimate relationship.  Let a Gay call his union as something else, perhaps "Gay Rage".   I have no problem allowing the gays and lesbians to have their legal rights, whatever that may be, but have serious concern about sharing the sacred word "Marriage" with their evolved, pseudo relationship. 


    This country is supposed to be one nation under God, and not under devil.  Let us stand firm and fight against this same sex marriage issue in USA.  Let us not be foolish to invite wrath of God to United States of America!  Homosexuality is nothing but a Sexual preference for a deviant behavior, an alternate style of living that is contrary to the very purpose of God's intention, and it is an abomination before the sight of God.   Let us not compromise and sell the word "Marriage" that easily.  Let that word stand alone as a unique word that clearly points to the union between man and woman alone! 

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