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    Posted March 4, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Israel To Keep U.S. "Out of the Loop" On Bombing Iran To Protect US? Israel Doesn't Care About U.S.


    Gas prices are higher because of Israeli rhetoric. Americans are feeling it at the pump and in everything we have to buy. Food prices are rising faster than ever. So who's to blame? Iran or Israel?


    President Obama will address AIPAC today. So will Republican leaders. This looks to be more of a contest to show which political party would better represent Israel's point of view in the World than the American people's needs.


    Sheldon Adelson gave Newt Gingrich a big lift with enough money to keep his campaign alive. In return, Gingrich questions Obama's commitment to Israel. He suggests that if he we President, he'd move the U.S. Israeli embassy to Jerusalem which would be against the U.N. Charter. But Republicans don't see the U.N as viable or relevant anyway.


    Gingrich goes on to parrot Adelson's views while the Israeli Government ratchets up the rhetoric on Iran with the "threat of a nuclear Iran". A nuclear Iran is a threat to whom? Shouldn't we concerned about Pakistan?


    The United States' economy is being hurt by our "friends" in Israel's government. Netanyahu's paranoia is costing us billions more at the gas pump, the food stores and in our economic recovery that is just taking hold.


    To add insult to injury, AIPAC today will determine who becomes U.S. President at today's meeting. Citizens United made unlimited foreign influence in our election process a reality.

    Israel knows that this year's Presidential elections will be determined by our economy. Are they doing what they can to influence the outcome of America's election by creating the crisis in the Middle East? High gas prices will hurt our recovery. A Republican may win.


    There have been reports that suggest an Israeli publisher believes that Israel might be better off without Obama. Are the Israelis working to undermine Obama's administration so that they can get another "pro-Israel GOP war hawk" back in the White House?


    This is what appears to be happening.


    Israel's Netanyahu is a whiner. He's a fear and a warmonger. He's fearful of Iran's nuclear program, so he claims.

    No one in our government, in a position of intelligence, has been able to determine that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Yet, Israel is willing to pre-emptively strike a Iran, "just in case."


    This would cause the Middle East to explode. Israel is saying they want to keep us out of the loop to protect us from being blamed for their actions. We would be blamed anyway and seen as being complicit in allowing Iran to be bombed. Iraq would ignite.

    China and Russia have expressed concerns over Israel's intent.


    "Keeping us out of the loop will protect us? Netanyahu claims we're naive about Iran. Let's not be naive about Israel's Prime Minister's remarks. We will be drawn into another war by Israel.

    Netanyahu thinks Americans buy his load of crap?

    If Netanyahu's claim is true we will still be involved. But, if we are using Israel to do the bombing with our tacit approval and with deniability we will still get the blame for Israel's actions. We can't afford another protracted war with another Arab country which could escalate to something much larger.


    The U.S. created this mess with Iran and it's time we fixed it. Our CIA caused a coup in Iran and installed the Shah as a puppet leader in 1953. Iranians over threw the Shah in 1979 and took our embassy hostage. They remember what we did for oil.



    This all happened because the oil company, BP, had their oil fields nationalized by Iran's democratically elected leader because BP was taking more than 50% of the profits and didn't feel the Iranian people deserved a bigger share.


    Let's not make another mistake over Iran. If the Israelis want to bomb Iran, then they should know, they are on their own. We should make clear to Israel, that we will not lift a finger to help them should they start this conflict.


    Israel is manipulating the U.S. presidential election results and our economy by their rhetoric.

    Obama has been reasonable in his dealings with Iran and with his expectations of Israel in asking them to be patient.


    The problem we, in the United States have, as do the Israeli people also, is that Netanyahu prefers war over prosperity and peace for his people.

    His administration is as paranoid toward Iran as the U.S. was toward the Soviet Union in the sixties. Russia didn't bomb us as we thought they might. Reason and self preservation should prevail. Question is, Will they?"


    What should worry us should be Pakistan and their nuclear arsenal. Those nukes are a real threat to the World's security. The Iranians are not a suicidal society. But it appears that Israel's leader, Netanyahu may be suicidal and crazy.


    We are letting the Israeli government play us like a fiddle.

    By using the environment of our Presidential elections this year, Israel appears to be moving us toward another war.

    These actions by Israel are costing Americans more at the gas pump. Israel's people are suffering as well economically. Most of their country's resources are being spent on weapons and not infrastructure.


    When will  Israel elect leaders that bring them peace instead of war? Jews will never have peace as long as men like Netanyahu lead them.

    What are Iran's Intentions?


    by: Noam Chomsky, Truthout | Report



    Obama to Iran and Israel: 'As President of the United States, I Don't Bluff'




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