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    Posted March 5, 2012 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    What does beauty mean to you?

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    Beauty: Real and Imagined


    The assignment starts by defining beauty, of what does it mean to me.


    To me, it  means a lot of things, real and  imagined. There is beauty of melody in children's screams and laughter.  There is beauty of compassion in times of disaster amongst survivors and  rescuers. There is so much beauty of a newly born baby in her mother's  arms, the beauty of hope, of tomorrow and of dreams to be fulfilled.  There is enduring love and beauty in an old couple's embrace, a  testimony of having  weathered all the storms of life. There is beauty in pain and in  forgiveness, we may be scarred for life but that makes our journey more  meaningful as we try to find healing and understanding of why some things needed to happen. There is beauty  in diversity, where acceptance and respect play vital roles. And if you  are in a busy street, where people are walking from all  directions and buildings are chasing and rising up high, if you can just lift your  head up, you can see the beauty of massive cotton candies sprinkled of different hues of blues up  in the sky!


    Part of the assignment is defining insecurity as  well, of what could be my biggest insecurity in life. It is not about the size  of my chest or my waist, not about my hair or my legs. I'm quitely  secure about that physical aspect of myself, I'm comfortable with how I  look and I am at peace with my body. My biggest insecurity is more about  knowing that I am not enough, that no matter what I do, I end up  not being enough. With this thought, this leads me to a vast options  and opportunities of making myself better each time, of making myself  worthy of being enough... I don't know if this makes sense but to me, that's  what insecurity is about, wanting and wishing so much to be  everything to someone, being enough, but perhaps it will be just like  that, just wishful thinking.


    The assignment  ends with the question of how do I appreciate beauty in other people.  I  see beauty in people who are brave enough to admit that it is sometimes too  tempting to wish they were someone else but they would rather remain happy just the way they are and the way they have been blessed with this thing they call life.

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