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    Museum Dedicated to Alice In Wonderland Legendary Author


    If you wanted to know all the facts and falsehoods surrounding Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass’s legendary author Lewis Carroll, you need look no further than Mimsy Manor in Second Life owned by Avanthalas Absent.

    Mimsy Manor, situated in Mieville, is a museum dedicated to the history of Lewis Carroll, real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832- 1898), plus it also gives us an interesting insight into the real life of the little girl he wrote about, Alice Liddell, who featured in his famous stories. Avanthalas gives us a wealth of information displayed all around the walls of the museum, supported by some good quality photographs of the era. She quotes “If you read the introductory blurb in many of today’s (and yesterday’s) versions of “Alice” you will discover “facts” about Lewis Carroll that are nothing of the sort. In an attempt to counter some of these untruths, here is a display of the top ten Carroll untruths (in no particular order) and some small evidence to the contrary. These are by no means all of the rumours that have circulated about this great author and interesting man, but I’ve chosen to skip some of the more outrageous (and therefore obviously untrue) lies.”

    And so I wandered through Avanthalas’s museum and it was a fascinating experience, I must admit to not knowing a great deal about Carroll/Dodgson, but the well written information boards made it interesting and satisfied my curiosity about how the author had befriended Alice and her family to eventually write his fantastically surreal tales, seemingly spun around the child he appeared to adore.

    Alice Pleasance Liddell was born on May 4, 1852 and Avanthalas succeeds in bringing Alice to life for the visitors to the museum, telling Alice’s story right up to her death at the age of 82. She had in fact married and had her own family over the years and I liked the picture of the adult Alice on display as well as her childhood photos.


    Bravely the museum touches upon how the question of a child’s friendship with an adult can be misinterpreted and even child nudity in Victorian photography is mentioned, uncomfortable reading for some, but a totally innocent and a pure outlook for others, depending on how you perceive the idea, and what evidence and information there is to hand. I spent a good deal of time looking around the Manor as there is much to read and it’s very interesting. I also explored the grounds where I found a lovely life-sized chess board and then I took a ride in a little boat which glided me past beautiful images based on Carroll’s books, it was very well done! I even picked up a newbie along the way, she was brand new to SL and she shared my boat, her own adventure into the virtual world just beginning; what better place than Avanthalas’s wonderful Mimsy Manor for her to start exploring SL! Avanthalas has carried out a great deal of research into Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” and whether you are a fan of the author or not, I think you will enjoy this informative and magical sim.



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