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    Posted March 7, 2012 by
    Redding, California
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    Why can't Romney seal the deal?

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     CVNeutron shared his take on the results of last night's "Super Tuesday" caucus and primary contests. 'As long as Romney cannot get Republican voters to rally around him and his ideas, and as long as the three remaining candidates stay in the race, the delegate count will continue to be spread thin,' he said. 'He has viable opponents (Santorum) that are serious threats to his candidacy right now. But with people like Former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Congressman Ron Paul stealing delegates from Santorum, he will never be able to mount a serious full scale opposition to Romney that could slow his momentum down.'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    Just a few hours ago we finally saw the end to "Super Tuesday", an event so hyped up that every media outlet in the country was providing prime time coverage.

    And as the votes came rushing in, and states declared it's official projections we gained a clearer picture of where the Republican presidential field stands.

    Alaska went to Romney, Santorum in second, Paul in third, and Gingrich in fourth.

    Georgia was sealed by Gingrich, Romney took second, Santorum in third, and Paul in fourth.

    In Idaho, Romney held a solid victory followed by Paul, Santorum and Gingrich respectively.

    Then in Massachusetts Romney came again with a victory followed by Santorum Paul and Gingrich.

    Santorum would go on to grab North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Romney would take Virginia, Vermont, and ultimately Ohio.

    By night's end Romney would be the overall victor. But as everyone reported, it wasn't a pretty victory. He barely edged out Santorum and there were no "emotional victories"

    Now that Super Tuesday has passed, we draw closer to summer when an opponent to President Obama will be chosen and by year's end our president for the next four years will be decided. But still there is no solid majority of Republicans standing behind the candidates.

    Nobody is happy with Mitt Romney on the Republican side. They look at him as who they must choose to beat Obama. Not who they must choose to represent their ideas. In a democracy, the fail safe against this sort of thing is primaries and opponents. But the multitude of candidates this season, each with their own strong support is spreading thin the delegate count. Romney is pulling away not by popular vote but by default. While Gingrich Santorum and Paul all fight for the "Alternative to Mitt" status, Mitt himself is slipping further and further ahead of them. They make themselves look like fools at the same time. To "out-conserve" the other each candidate strays so far right even their conservative base feels alienated. This is proven by more and more polls revealing that Republican voters feel distaste for their choices this fall against the President.

    So how to combat this circus we now know as the 2012 Republican Primary? Looking back at the Super Tuesday results we find our answer. Romney took 6 states, Santorum took three, Gingrich had one, and Paul had none. It's time for the weaker candidates to gracefully bow out, and allow the next strongest to Romney to stage a serious challenge to the Republican front-runner.

    Gingrich is baggage the Republican party doesn't need. His personal and public history do not do well for Republicans in the fall general election in a hypothetical match-up with President Obama. Even he knows this, but for his ego he stays in the race to prove he can weather the storm.

    Paul is a strong candidate in his own right, but realistically he has too few delegates thus far to stage a true challenge to either Santorum or Romney.

    It's going to either be Romney or Santorum. What Republicans needs is someone to be a true alternative to Barack Obama come general election. Someone who has and will stick to their guns come crunch time.Someone who carries little to no baggage going into the general election. Speaker Gingrich warned us earlier, make no mistake that President Obama has near a billion at his disposal and he will use it to attack his opponent relentlessly. It's pure politics.

    It is time that The Four Stooges get serious for a minute and think about who seriously can beat President Obama not on electability but in real policy differences. Let Independents decide their candidate by a differing of policies.
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